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Crushed beneath enormous debt, Angel decides to risk it all by going to a party for the rich and famous to find a husband and turn her life around! If all goes well, she’ll finally be free. And during the party, who should approach her but Earl Rafe McFarland, ruggedly handsome, scarred and, of course, very rich. So Angel steels herself to do anything to get him to marry her—anything.

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becky's comment - May 26th, 2017

She married for money and the scarred man married for child. Both are not how they appear to be and I like to see how they slow get attracted to each other's inner self.

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husband hunting under a lie 3  3

The heroine made her bed in this one but with little choice. She goes husband hunting because her mother used her name to get into debt of credit worth one hundred thousand. So, she finds the hero and is almost hones about everything except why she needs a husband. The hero is impressed that she's forward and doesn't take pity on his massive facial scar agrees to the marriage contract they set. Now, I don't know why the heroine never told her sister of the problem she was facing or called the government to inform them of identity theft. So, they get married quickly but the hero has the heroine shipped off to his country home in Scotland with, which is funnily enough the source of his nightmares because his mother and brother were horrible people who abused him. The two spend a week apart but after one week of separation they start to bond over books and food, a good way to start. Then things start to get hot but it ends quickly with the two of them going back to the square one. Luckily, they are able to move forward and go all the way. Their relationship becomes so well, the heroine is able to take the courage and tell the hero that she loves him but he doesn't. Why? He's still haunted by the ghosts of past. The hero rejects the heroine's love because of what love has ever done is let him done in the people who hated him and the people who loved him but were taken from him like his father and his fellow military brother-in-arms. A big fight between the two goes out with the hero going on about sticking to the contract and she's only acting. Their fight ends badly with the heroine leaving the hero for the train station. When the heroine is gone, the hero is finally able to confront his past and push the ghosts out of his heart and mind. With both parts clear, he runs after the heroine. Once he catches up with the heroine, he actually says "I'm sorry" to the heroine. The heroine reveals that the debt was her mothers and not hers but she can't bear the idea of suing her own mother. The hero sets to get on the train but the hero tells her that he loves her. We have a very sweet confession between the two and I found it sweet. We fast forward a year later where the hero and heroine have a cute little boy and the hero wants to redo their wedding with all the trimming. It was a very nice ending.

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great picture and entertaining story. 5  5

great picture and entertaining story.

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