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Rachel Lerini, a tremendously capable nurse, thinks she’s perfectly content with her life—until Dr. Luca Cavaletti comes along. He pursues her from the moment they first meet. With looks that could win any woman over, the young surgeon is the picture of Italian charm. She has no idea how to handle him, but she does feel him winning her over…and that’s a problem because—despite her talent for healing others—she has wounds that still haven’t mended.

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4.5 he's such a good guy 5  5

The heroine is one of the best nurses in the hospital and the person that people can count on. Sadly, the outside exterior is only a concrete wall that the heroine has put around herself when it comes to any form of romantic relationships. Then the hero comes in with his friendly and flirtatious manner (only to the heroine) The heroine has her guard up but she also blushes from the hero's comments. The hero is at a loss because he can't help but flirt with her; it's what makes their interactions fun to read. The hero is encouraged by the heroine's roommate to keep going at the heroine but at a new angle with his help of course. One thing to another and the hero and heroine wind up having dinner together and alone where they talk about work and their passions in their field. Their night ends on a kiss but later in the next few weeks, a sensitive topic of a baby having HLHS has the heroine opening up her past to the hero of giving birth to a baby that had HLHS and didn't survive. What's worse, right after the baby dies, the husband comes out and confesses that he wants a divorce because he's been cheating on the heroine and the mistress is pregnant. In fact, he brought the mistress to the heroine's hospital bed and said everything from earlier. My words: ARE YOU ALRIGHT????? Your baby just died, your wife is a mess and despite all that, you bring up wanting a divorce and declaring the mistress pregnant. The only positive note that came out of that situation was right beside the heroine's bed was a patient's used bedpan and when I mean used, I mean filled to the top. So, she throws the contents all over them and has them completely drenched in urine. I clap with praise at the heroine's actions. The hero is angry over the husband but now ex's insensitivity and laughing over the hero's response to her crummy ex's speech. We now see reason why the heroine built the walls in the first place. They come across situation with parents who face similar obstacles with their child's health. They grow close enough to share a physical relationship and things start looking up then the hero goes with a baby who's the target of some real world class bullies in order to provide her the medical attention since she's "dead". When the heroine learns of all this, she tries to find information about him like going to his family who welcome her with open arms and hearts. They also help fund her passage into the war torn country to be support to the hero and he was surprised at her arrival. They spend their days will civilians caught in the crossfire and their relationship grows stronger and stronger. The two are able to go home and they get married and it's a happy ending with a baby on the way. I did like this one immensely.

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