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Elementary school teacher Prudence is mountain climbing and camping with some of her students. Worried for her safety, her father sends his subordinate Sergeant Joe Wilder to look after the group, but he doesn’t seem happy to be there. Prudence doesn’t know what to make of him, but when she watches him closely, she notices that he answers every one of the children’s questions. What a mysterious man… Joe possesses both the cool side and wild side characteristic of a marine, and Prudence finds herself drawn to him. And before they’re done, both her heart and a sudden blizzard will conspire to bring them even closer together!

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3.5 he numbs the pain with hydrenaline 4  4

The hero is "requested" by his superior officer to help guide his daughter's camping group for a few days and the man can't refuse and thinks the daughter is one of the students. However, he doesn't know is that the heroine is the teacher and camping trip is a reward the kids won in writing excellent environmental biology papers. The stoic hero is hit with a barrage of questions from the kids and it put off by his boss's strong will daughter. The next morning looks like fun for the kids but the adults see the dangerous when lots of snow cover the ground. They're able to quickly get the kids to a helicopter but stay behind because it would be too much weight for the helicopter. So, the hero and heroine stay behind in the lodge and spend time together. The hero opens up about the guilt he feels because he was supposed to fly a helicopter but switched at the request of another instructor. Sadly, when the helicopter went off, the engine stalled and they crashed. Everyone was killed and the hero feels responsible for what happened but the heroine reassures that it's not his fault because of how could he have known. The guilt of not doing enough has crept into his mind that any mission he does that doesn't have the perfect perfection is not enough. The heroine uses her own story of almost killing her mom as an example. It was some reckless driving and the hero comforts her and kisses her but pulls away. Why? It's because her father is his commanding officer and kissing the princess would get him in trouble. The heroine is hurt and leaves the room. They are able to get to safety but the development of their relationship is at a halt. We get to see that both people can't stop thinking about each other and then the hero gets a call that the heroine is going bungee jump. He tries to stop and fails now, the possibility of him getting courtmartialed becomes higher. The two are finally able to talk and the heroine relates the guilt of being responsible and how his attitude is similar to what her was. She also invites him to her school to do a special session on survival. He agrees and gives a good session but is unable to accept their gifts because they call him a hero when he doesn't feel like one. Then he's confined to the barracks when the heroine's father finds out about the jumping event despite the hero saying that he didn't take the heroine bungee jumping and she really did bungee jumping. The heroine gives her father a good talking on his actions and then goes to see the hero. She helps him come forward in seeing that the deaths of his fallen brethren wasn't his fault and they huge tightly. We go to the scene where the hero and heroine are at the chapel with parents and students. It was a very nice ending that I enjoyed.

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