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Gwen Sawyer, a popular decorum instructor among upper-class girls, is hired to be a live-in tutor to the daughter of the distinguished Harrison family. The family is headed by Will Harrison, who is the CEO of HarCorp…and Dallas’s most eligible bachelor. However, on their first meeting, Gwen finds him to be an arrogant man who thinks money can solve everything and who only sees women as things. Gwen is determined to teach him some manners, too, but she has no idea what a dangerous man she is trying to deal with!

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manners 3  3

The heroine is is an etiquette teacher who only tutors rich and spoiled girls but also answers letters from girls who have love problems. She's your fairy godmother and Barney Thompson from Pretty woman wrapped up in one. She wants to do more but her proposal is rejected by the hero's company and when she's called back, it's only to be hired as a etiquette teacher for his tomboyish sister who flings snail guts at people (accidentally). The heroine is both disappointed and angry by not only the real reason for being hired but the hero's horrible attitude. Examples: he doesn't look her in the eye when talking to her or to be more specific, asking for her help. She rejects his offer till the secretary convinces her to accept but the hero's bad behavior doesn't stop there. He treats her like a thing, expects her to teach a girl to memorize how to act like a lady in 3 weeks, and degrades her job. I'm sorry but you REQUESTED her to do a job. I did like that she doesn't back down because she takes his phone and scolds him for telling him to teach his sister good manners when he himself has not shown good manners. His bad manners infect the heroine because they're fighting each under the table with their feet, how is that good manners? Yet, it does bring a smile to the heroine's face and she surprises the hero with rejecting his card. Yet, her past of being played by her boss when they were caught and she was painted as a conniving woman and loses her reputation. So, the hero's first attempt of seducing her ends with rejection. Although, he doesn't give up and when he tries for a second time, she gives in. Sadly, gossip catches wind of their sensual relationship and it makes it to the papers. Then the hero overhears the heroine talking about what she does for a living and what she wants to do. He misinterprets that she used him in order to get her proposal used by his company. So, he throws her out of his house with the sister throwing fruit at his head. The next time they meet ends with his proposal of being his mistress and she slapping him in front of all the bigwigs. Then the gossip rags come in and when the hero sees how it can hurt the heroine, he protects her that impresses her sister. The heroine does the same when she saves him one of the biggest deals for his company. When he hands her a check, she rips it up and their fight has the hero reveal he's in love with the heroine. He asks the heroine to marry him and just when they're about to kiss, the sister and the rest of the board barge in on the little love scene. They get out quickly and leave the two lovebirds to resume activities.

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Good 5  5

The best are the characters. They're so well made. In one hand, a grown-up intelligent woman, with a self made career who actually have made mistakes, stand up and learn from them. In the other...a jerk self-centered workaholic childish CEO. And a ver sweet adult love history.

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