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Carlene is hired as a housekeeper by young millionaire Win. Though he says during the interview that he is not looking to fill the position of wife, he is quick to make a feverish invitation. Saying he won’t make commitments for the future, Win offers to share his bed. Though bewildered, Carlene is also intensely attracted to him. One night, the two seem close to crossing the line, but she stops herself at the last minute. Win is offended, but little does he know that Carlene is still a virgin!

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becky's comment - May 19th, 2017

A love story of a rancher and his housekeeper. Hero is handsome but abit rough and have some sort of attitude problem. Heroine is innocent and doesn't hold grudge. They work well for each other.

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he's a hypocrite 2  2

The hero is a bit of a hypocrite because after he hires the heroine for the job position, she asks if she's getting a 2nd interview by someone like his wife, he pulls the, "I'm never marrying again and if you think that's your future then get out," Or something close to that. Now, he's trying to pull the heroine into bed and he's not the only one. The heroine has to deal with a 12-hour job at least; yes, a 12 hour job because you need to make an early morning breakfast for people who wake up earlier than most people and eat later when you work on a farm or ranch. She has this job and has to deal with two men who don't take no for answer. Finally, the heroine has had it and tells the hero to back off. His response, " I have never pressured you into doing anything?". Oh No, you don't get to pull that stupid line because you may not be pressuring her but you sure are harassing her. I did like how the heroine has the last word by saying, "I quit" because it snaps the hero out of his stupidity. Oh my goodness, it just gets worse because he says that he doesn't want to do marriage but he's fine having sex with her even when she says marriage is what she wants. Then I wanted to hit him over the head with a frying pan and he lost so many brownie points when he said this: "You can't expect me to believe you've been married with every man you've been with?" Again, sexual harassment!! The man had to have been dropped on his head as a child. The heroine tries to leave but the hero keeps her with kisses, which for me was a let down. The only one this far in the book with any knowledge about women is an old man and the hero still makes inappropriate comments of how the heroine's body couldn't possibly be a virgin's one!!! I'm sorry but Tim Tebow and Carrie Underwood are extremely attractive people and one is still a virgin because he doesn't want to have sex until he's married and Carrie Underwood was a virgin until she got married. So, his comment has no foundation. Now, he wants her to babysit his niece and nephew, so his sister and brother-in-law can have a break. The heroine drove a hard bargain and I liked that. The hero seduces her into the bedroom and nearly pulls down her panties until she talks about not being ready and the hero makes yet another stupid comment about all the experience she must have and to stop acting like a spinster. Wow, call the Union or something but do it to knock the idiot off his feet. The heroine tells the hero the truth and it ends on a sour note. The hero starts acting smarter for once and takes the heroine and the nephew and niece out for ice cream. The two of them have another argument and then come to terms when the hero does what the heroine says. Then the heroine gives in and here I thinking, "what?". What happened to wanting marriage and not wanting to be looked as a tool for sex? Then suddenly the two of them get married, I'm sorry but the whole ending was too rushed for me.

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