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While running a last-minute inspection and spot cleaning at a posh lodge run by her company, Iona accidentally spills detergent all over herself. Left with no choice but to rinse off in the lodge’s open-air bath, she suddenly notices a man standing before her…but when she gets a good look at her intruder’s face, her blood runs cold. It’s Luke…the dashing Greek man she met a year and a half ago in Tahiti. The man who healed her broken heart after she lost her parents and fiancé in a horrific accident. When she’d run from him out of fear of commitment, she’d thought their relationship was nothing more than a fleeting affair, but standing face-to-face with him now, she feels the memories of their time in Tahiti come rushing back…

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the myth reveals the truth 4  4

The heroine is reunited with the hero, a man who she spent a passionate time on vacation to forget the horrible accident that took her parents and her fiancee. Their time together ended on a sour note when the heroine takes the hero's offer to come with him to Italy and he'll take care of her as a question,"Do you want to be my mistress?" The message frightens the heroine away and they don't see each again till year later when the hero hired the heroine from her company. He further hires her to act as a babysitter for his adopted daughter who turns out to be his half-sister whose mother is a horrible woman. The heroine finally tells the hero of the burden she was carrying when they met a year ago and what she interpreted his message from the last time they saw each other. The heroine wants to make up for causing the hero trouble and the hero suggests they get married in order to protect his little girl whom he has adopted from their father because of how he treated the hero. Interestingly, the hero uses the greek myth Theseus, King of Athens to describe his father. The heroine looks up on the hero and his family and is able to find out whole story. The hero's dad married again after the first wife passed who was a very much younger lady and made passes at the hero. When the hero refused, she lied to the dad saying that they were in a relationship, and faked a suicide. The dad was so mad that he disowned the hero and tried to destroy him at every turn in the business world but the hero succeeded as you can see. The heroine sees the truth and understands that the hero wants to protect the little girl. So, she agrees to marry him and they grow closer and closer. The heroine meets the dad when she and the little girl are out on an excursion who threatens her to stay away from his son or bad things will happen to her. Then when the heroine stumbles upon something that needs to be seen by the hero, she gets kidnapped by the dad's men and held hostage. The dad orders her to break up with the hero but when she refuses, he orders his men to rough her up. Luckily, the hero and the little girl's body guard burst in to save the day. When the hero is about to unleash his fury, the heroine stops him to help see that the dad only wants to reconcile with his son and apologize for being a monster to his own child. A simple get down on your knees and ask for your son's forgiveness wasn't a good way to start, huh? The heroine encourages the hero to forgive the dad and he does. Our couple open their hearts to each other and for the ending is a lovely tropical wedding.

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