Historical Romance THE DUTIFUL RAKE 2

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Though born into an aristocratic family, Meg has led a miserable life because of a scandal created by her parents. Feeling sorry for her circumstances, the Earl of Rutherford has proposed to her! Meg doubts whether their union could work, but his kindness opens her closed heart. On their way to London for their wedding, she’s about to have a first night with him, but instead a stranger sneaks into her bed! Will she make it to London unscathed?

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victorian cinderella romance 2 4  4

The heroine and hero have returned to London with open arms of both hero's sister and friends. They making the heroine feel at home and happy. Then we have a situation with the hero's former mistress and the heroine handles it beautifully even wanting to become friends with the woman. However, the whole situation has cooled any passion between the hero and heroine who say some not so positive things to each other. It gets worse when the ball the hero and his sister have hosted have some uninvited guests: the relatives who threw the heroine out have come to mooch off her married status. The heroine receives them with kindness despite the hero and his sister ready to kick them out by the boot. Next, the hero gets more and more jealous of the men getting close to the heroine that he starts to become a jerk. The relatives continue mooching and trying to get their daughter into marrying the hero's friend (thankfully, the man has taste). They see that the man has more interest in the heroine and start to plan for heroine's demise (say hello to villains #2, #3, & #4). They conspire with villain #1 with the first attempt of getting the heroine alone with him. Luckily, the hero comes to the rescue again and the situation has the two of them open up their fears and feelings to one another. Afterwards, we get the happy news of the heroine being pregnant. We finally learn the hero's reasons for being a playboy is his fear of falling in love and having them die, he watched his father suffer the same fate when his mother died. At a party, the former mistress warns the hero's friend of the villains' plan to hurt the heroine and they arrive in time just as the heroine kneed villain#1 in the groin. The icing on the cake is the evidence the former mistress provides that links the relatives to villain#1. Now, their reputation is stained, too bad we don't get to see the aftermath. The two of them confess their love to each other and we get a cute and comedic ending with an adorable baby. I do like this one because we see the heroine handle herself in tough situations. It was definitely a book worth renting.

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