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Harriet has been raised by two strict great-aunts. She has always obeyed her aunts and lived a life of constancy, leading her to become a plain and frumpy woman. But she can bear her cloistered life no longer when her aunts try to set her up with a man she despises. That’s when her longtime crush and colleague, hunky sports reporter Steve, offers to lend a hand. On a whim, Harriet asks him to help her with her bold plan, and from there, fate transforms her into a gorgeous woman!

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nobody likes to be called an ugly duckling 4  4

The heroine is trying to make a hickey with a turkey baster in order to keep her great aunts off of sending her to date a man who gives her the creeps. The hero hears her sobbing and then hears her story. He knows the guy and when the heroine makes her request for him to give her a hickey, he accepts but it turns to be a hotter moment than they both anticipated. The next day, the heroine is invited by the hero to be in the company's softball team because she has such athletic looking legs. As we go further into the story, we see how the hero becomes attracted to her character and later her beauty. He even encourages her to pursue her dream from high school to be a cheerleader and shows up to the auditions to show his support. The heroine gets more help from other women in makeup and clothes. When she goes to the audition with a new look that has the hero flabbergasted but angry because it draws the attention of another man who always seems to be trying to one up the hero. The hero seems to say the wrong thing about the heroine's curl coming undone and now the heroine believes that he was only into her looks. The next day, the hero says a stupid thing; he wants to do a feature on the cheerleaders and he wants to start with the heroine's story (Ugly Duckling to Beautiful Swan) from high school bad years to gorgeous adult years. Ohhhhhhh Hero! Why would you say that, you are telling to the heroine's face that she was ugly. The whole incident makes her go with a guy she didn't like and miss softball practice where she runs into the team. The realization makes her so embarrassed over her actions that she runs away. The hero digs a little more deeper about the heroine and sees what amazing person she was in high school despite the appearance. The heroine goes to the hero's office and sees the article, runs into the hero, screams at him, and runs off. The hero finally gets a lecture on what you don't call a girl both in her present day and her past time. The hero is invited over to the heroine's house and he shows her the articles, which has completely changed. It didn't bring up her high school years and focused on her making her dream. I like the ending because there's no need to rush into a wedding but it's the beginning of a happy and romantic relationship between our two protagonists. I did like it.

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