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Mercedes holds a secret meeting with her female friends. They compile the business cards of attractive men they’ve met and draw from them new prospective dates. Mercedes draws the card of a lawyer named Dennis. The truth is, this is the card she had herself contributed! They had once been in love, but one day, unsettled by a humiliating thought, she decided to break it off. Though she never wanted to meet Dennis again, when they reunite, she sees a new side of him, a side that leaves Mercedes feeling conflicted…

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secretary saves the day 5  5

I thought it was going to be a case of he said, she said things and it was for some part of it. However, it was very interesting to read. The hero and heroine reunite after a three month separation since their last meeting that ended with the heroine throwing anything that stood still, shouting in Spanish, and the hero too dumbfounded to do anything. Their reunion is due to the heroine wanting to expand her natural beauty business and while there are some risks, she is willing to take them. I like the heroine's boldness and confidence, it made it fun to read and the hero's character of being a gentleman and a rational person. There are also the issues that I liked is during the three months of dating, the hero never introduced her to his friends and their first meeting with his parents was his parents catching their son putting his hand up the heroine's skirt at a restaurant. The heroine is mad at the heroine for the first issue because she introduced him immediately to her Abuela and the fact he didn't to his family, was hurtful to her. I also liked to find issues that the hero pointed out to the heroine like how he tried to contact her many times but the message never got through. This is all a bit like the movie, "Fools Rush In". So, the hero proposes 2nd chance date, at a charity party where he'll introduce the heroine to family and friends and she can meet both potential clients and investors for her business. I liked how rational and calm the hero was about the 2nd chance date, going slow and learning more about each other. At the charity ball, the hero's mother is a bit standoffish but the hero's friends are friendly and kind to the heroine. Then we find out the real reason the hero doesn't want the heroine to meet his family: they are real snobs over her appearance. I was appalled by what the hero's father said about the heroine. The hero & heroine go back to her place and share intimacy. Funny enough, the flip side of a passionate night is the hero acting cold but it was the heroine being cold herself. However, as the two work longer on the heroine's expansion plan, the more they become connected. Then they hit a bump in the road with the hero seeing that his father sent pictures (you know how paparazzi like to edit the photo) in a newspaper, saying that he's running for election and dating a senator's daughter. To top it all off, the bank called to cancel the loan. So, now the hero has to break the bank news to the heroine and give her a heads up on the newspaper's front page. Here's where it went wrong: he didn't tell her upfront about the bank loan, instead he tries to persuade to slow down even though he should know she's stubborn to the boot to do that. The heroine doesn't take his persuasion well and becomes more angry when she's sees the article on the hero's desk before he can be given a chance to explain. The two have a fight with the heroine saying she doesn't want to see the hero but the hero's secretary saves the day by telling the heroine about the cancelled loan and the hero signing over to become a cosigner, so the heroine could have her dream. She finds another guarantor, so the hero won't get dragged but like the heroine from earlier, he doesn't listen to the heroine and their relationship ends with a good-bye. Again, the secretary saves the day by telling the heroine again how much the hero loves her and encourages her to go after him. The heroine runs back to the hero and they share sweet words and open feelings with each other. It was definitely a good book to read.

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