Historical Romance A LOVER'S KISS

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Juliette, a destitute seamstress living in nineteenth-century London, comes upon a man being attacked by ruffians in the dead of night. Instinct takes over, and she pelts them with potatoes to save the man. He is Sir Douglas Drury, a courtroom lawyer and a baronet. His mind in a haze, he calls out to her and plants a sweet, passionate kiss on her cheek. When he wakes up, though, he’s forgotten all about the kiss and treats Juliette as his servant, but when Sir Douglas’s mysterious assailant targets Juliette’s life, she pretends to be Sir Douglas’s lover and makes her debut in high society in search of the culprit!

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becky's comment - August 16th, 2019

The hero and the heroine fell in love despite there are differences in their social status and national background. I was touched to see that they managed to overcome a mountain of obstacles to be together..

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Don't mess with the french woman 5  5

I really did love this comic because of five things: 1) The heroine was French and not English, it was the hero who was English. 2) The heroine is a little spitfire, she jumps into danger and takes the hero by the horns. 3) the hero's best friend's nickname is Buggy and he's one of those adorable little scholars that one just wants to snuggle along with a book. 4) One of the main villains is a woman!! I get tired of the historical male villains, there should be a bad woman who does more than make snide comments during the Season about the heroine or pass off information to the bad guy about the hero's whereabouts as a means to kills him. And finally, 5) I love the finally confession between the two of them listing the trials but how much they love each other, it's makes it real and romantic. To summarize, the hero is really smart lawyer but bears a grudge against the French for torturing him by breaking his fingers one by one and then leaving him for dead. The heroine is a poor seamstress who's number#2 but tries to do the right thing by pelting the bad guys with potatoes. The hero acts all smooth french but when he wakes up, we find he's not much of a morning person especially waking up to French people. Shortly, the heroine is attacked due to the hero and Buggy and the heroine come up with a plan to parade the heroine around the Season as the hero's fiancee to lure the stalker out from the shadows. We also learn the truth: the hero is a man whore and has a type. He goes after married woman who have done their duties and given their husbands heirs. My goodness, it threw me off but not as much as the hero was thrown off by the heroine words and actions. We also find out that the heroine wanted to go to England in order to find her brother but it turns out to be the worst situation possible. The hero was tortured by French that included the heroine's brother and the hero got back by killing the man. OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It was such a twister of how the couple get past this mountain of an obstacle. I loved it because the hero and heroine feels this pain and have managed to overcome, especially when the hero is in the clutches of the evil man and woman. The good does triumph and the hero and heroine are about to separate until #5 confession. It's definitely a book worth reading.

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