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“You’ve won a trip to visit the old castles of Europe as well as a luxurious spa,” reads a letter that arrives at the bookstore where Sara works. The only problem is, she doesn’t remember entering any contest! Her heart still stung by old wounds, Sara isn’t particularly interested in claiming her prize, but her friend badgers her into leaving for the Kingdom of Carvania anyway. But when she arrives, he’s waiting for her—Aleks, her old lover who vanished without so much as a word five years ago. He’s the owner of the castle where she’s staying…and the prince of Carvania! With cold eyes, he leads her to a young boy’s sickbed and tells her he’s brought her there so she can be an organ donor for the boy…the son she abandoned years ago!

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for the love of a child 3.7 4  4

The hero is facing a disastrous situation of letting the woman who abandoned him and their child come to his country in order to be a organ donor for their sick child. However, the heroine has no idea that her child is with the hero because she never got any word from the hero and gave her son up for adoption. Thinking of his son, the hero sends a fake prize winning contest to the heroine in order to get her to his country. The heroine is shocked at this revelation of the hero's scheme but even more shocked that he has their son, the son she gave up for adoption is with the hero who states to the heroine that she abandoned the both of them. So, now it gets interesting, because the heroine didn't get any word from the hero, was persuaded by the another to give up the baby for adoption, signed it with hesitation then wanted to keep the baby but the next morning the baby was gone. Now, the hero and everyone is as cold as ice to the heroine and only the little sweet boy shows the heroine any warmth. I did like seeing not only the heroine's thoughts but also the hero's thoughts because he is a man who loved the heroine five years ago and was heartbroken when his mother told him that she abandoned their child. He is conflicted because of his anger to the heroine from back then but seeing how she acts with the son makes him question what was said. Then there's the fact that even after the surgery, the little boy gets sick again. The heroine can sense something amiss in the heroine's dearly departed friend's mother but the hero don't believe a word of it. The three of them spend time together and it opens up eyes and feelings to both hero and heroine. The attraction is still there between them but the hero hesitates because of the incident five years ago. The little boy's situation gets worse and the doctors find drugs in his system that if there are any more doses could kill him. Finally, it's discovered that the dearly departed friend's mother is the one who's been injecting the poor boy with drugs to kill him as revenge for her son's death that was killed when he was with the hero on a military mission. The woman nearly kills the heroine until the hero and his guards come in to take the woman away. The heroine wakes up to a smiling hero who tells her he loves her and that he made his mother tell him the truth. Apparently, the mother couldn't stand the idea of her son marrying a common american woman , so she lied to the hero saying the heroine abandoned him and sold their son then hired another woman to take the baby. The ending was pretty nice with both father and son proposing to the woman to come into their lives. It was good.

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