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How could this have happened? The man Princess Pippa of Chantaine fell for was Nic Lafitte, whose family is the sworn enemy of Pippa’s family. She wished that she didn’t know who he was. She wished that she could simply enjoy being in his confident and regal arms and revel in the heat of his lips. But once she discovered he was the enemy, she had to squelch her feelings so as not to betray her country. Yet after calling an end to their relationship, they encounter each other again. Is it her destiny to face him?

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becky's comment - July 14th, 2017

A modern princess and prince story. Heroine is so elegant and I like how they overcome obstacles to be with each other.

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a romeo and juliet tale 3  3

We have our Shakespearean version of Romeo Juliet and we even know how the family feud started. Over hundred years ago, the king (heroine's ancestors) developed a feud against the Lafitte the pirate (the hero's ancestors. It went from a Lafitte family member killing the king's brother to a Lafitte member stealing the fiancée from the King (the heroine's father). The last part was the last straw because the king exiled the ex-fiancée and her boyfriend out of the country. Now, the heroine runs into a man and they have an amazing time together until the heroine finds out the hero's last name is Lafitte. Now, she wants nothing to do with him because of centuries of brainwashing into believing that her family and his can't mix. The hero's attempts to contact the heroine, she denies them all until they run into each other again at a charity ball. Now, the heroine has her sisters with the same manner of thinking of Lafitte's being horrible or cousins to the boogey man. The hero opens his heart, proclaiming he loves the heroine but the heroine rejects his love with his walking off with only anger to carry his feet. After 7 months, the heroine runs into the hero again through his mother( the ex-fiancée of the old king) is weakened. She learns that the (ex-fiancée never agreed to marrying the former king and he announced it without him asking her. The king says something rude with the ex-fiancée's boyfriend punching his lights out and we know the rest). The hero tries to put the heroine off when his mother invites her for crepes (after finding out who she is) but the hero holds strong and goes. When the heroine hears the mother has cancer in the late stage, wants to die in her home country, but can't settle with her husband being forbidden to set one foot; the heroine provides them with beautiful house as a safe haven. That's step one for her to go against her family. The hero vows to stay with the mother to help, even though the hero doesn't trust her because of how she left him. The heroine pulls up the silly excuse that because the hero's a Lafitte, they can't be together. To me, it was a pathetic excuse. The heroine has to sneak around because security got tighter when she disappeared to see the mother. It's plain for everyone to see that the hero is still in love with the heroine and vice versa. There are some funny situations, like when the heroine is at a charity ball as a social partner for a famous soccer player and meets his pregnant ex-girlfriend. You will definitely have fun reading how that plays out. The heroine is then being forced; Yes, I say forced because her brother, the King doesn't know that she's an adult and she gets to spend her birthday however she pleases and not use it as an excuse and attend events. She's a good girl & it's not like she's going to go out to a club on her birthday and end up as fodder on the front page of a trashy magazine. The heroine goes to Italy but the hero meets up with her there and they have another enchanting time together. A medical emergency for the mother causes the heroine to contact her brother-in-law (the doctor), now the whole family knows what she's been doing. The heroine takes a stand for the Lafitte members against her family and things escalate where she leaves the family for a while. The situation makes it hard for the heroine but she stays and cares for the mother who gives her more healthy advice in the last few days then her birth mother ever gave her. The heroine does go to family weekly dinner on the request for her sister. The next morning, the mother passes away and the hero breaks up with the heroine in order to make her choice between him and her family easier for her. After two weeks and realizing she might be pregnant gives the heroine the strength to go after the hero who's in the USA. The hero is ecstatic when he sees her again and they have a happy ending.

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