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Sydney, a top executive at her father’s communications company, has made more than her fair share of contributions to it—but her strict father wants even more from her. He arranges a marriage for her without her permission, insisting it’s for the good of the company. With her dream of getting married for love, she just can’t accept her father’s will, so upon hearing the announcement of her forced engagement on a cruise ship, she flees by jumping into the ocean. Luckily she’s saved by Hugh, a carefree and mysterious man. Could he be the one who’ll free her from her father’s bondage? Unfortunately, Hugh doesn’t seem all that accepting of her. What’s the secret from his past that consistently brings him to reject Sydney?

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she just jumped right off 5  5

I loved how the hero and heroine met in this book. The heroine jumps off a cruiser because she refuses to marry the guy her father has set out for her everything doing she could to please and make him proud of her. The hero is just fishing in a boat when his line catches a "mermaid". This turns out to be the heroine who has a bit of a spitfire with the hero. Naturally, the hero turns the spitfire but still helps the heroine. Although, the hero does use the heroine in order to get rid of this other woman. I don't use the OW because really the hero never wanted anything to do with her because they're not even dating and she wants to marry him. I mean, literally, one of his flashbacks of her is saying that they will be getting married in the future. " Hahaha, it isn't written in stone. So, seeing the heroine with only a t-shirt on causes her some tears. So Adios to that phrase. When they reached his house, I nearly collapsed in horror at the hump it was. It was because it was old but the fact that the man had wrappers, empty bottles, and dirty laundry covering everything in sight made me relive watching horror movies. We have a intimate moment but it ends as quick as it began. When the hero and heroine eat, the heroine expresses her goal to find a job here. This throws off the hero, who is against the very idea. He's a bit a lukewarm this man, with good reason. His outburst has the heroine push him away but he tries to make up for it by giving her hot milk in the evening. I found the gesture to be quite sweet. I did like that while the hero was gone on a job, the heroine went out was a able to find a job. Plus, she cleaned the house and thank goodness for that. The hero is shocked by the change and what the heroine has accomplished already. Then he reveals his knowledge of her true identity. Then is the beginning of this particular phrase: "I'm not going to marry you." The heroine seems to give no clue or hidden meaning to say, "I want to marry you" as far as I can tell but I can tell that there's a story behind that phrase. He really wants her out of his life. The heroine also learns of little town's big ears. I did like how the heroine is honest with the hero's sister about the hero's treatment towards like what he says it contrasts with what he does, for instance, he taught the heroine how to snorkel. How fun does that sound! Then we find the story behind the phrase and my heart broke for the poor man. Ten years ago, the hero met a single mother and took care of her after her lousy ex dumped and their child. The man was practically a father to that little girl. He was there for her always and just when everyone thought that the two would tie the knot. The lousy ex comes back & the woman suddenly changes her mind, leaves the hero and the island to go with this mind. The heartbreak drives the hero to join the marines and has just come back to the island five years ago. The two of them share a passionate moment but the hero goes right off the bat to the bar with the easy ladies. Yet, the heroine stays, even during a hurricane. The hero comes in full blast and ticked over the fact that she stayed when she should have left for safety. What I found interesting is the heroine wanting to take the initiative but wants to give the hero a chance by playing a game of chess. The hero wins leaving the heroine dejected that she couldn't get what she wanted but the hero comes to her. Apparently, he wants to be with her. After this little scene, the fiancee shows up to force the heroine back but the hero throws him off his lawn. This action had me give him the bravo clap to him. The fiancee comes again with a large bag of money to bribe the hero into getting the heroine to come back to him. When it looks like the hero has just taken the money, he pushes the fiancee into the water and scares him away. He does all of this with the heroine watching him. What I couldn't believe is what the hero says to the heroine after the now ex-fiancee leaves, "I owe you nothing now." OH, you Big Dumb Fool! That was the straw that broke the camel's back, pushing the heroine into leaving the hero who gets his old life back. Now, it looks bleak. Two months have passed with the heroine telling her father what is going on and him not taking it so well, the ex-fiancee getting caught embezzling, and the heroine setting up her own company. The hero comes in a suit and tells the heroine his true feelings, resulting in a proposal that the heroine happily accepts. It was a good book to read.

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