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Cheyenne is engaged to Martin, the wealthy son of a distinguished family. Her fiancé’s older brother, Cutter, scorns her and tells her, “Your upbringing is unfit for the Lord family.” But after stormy seas shipwreck him and Cheyenne saves him, the two fall madly in love. However, their love quickly becomes tainted. When Martin suggests that Cutter only seduced her to break up their engagement, Cheyenne loses hope and resigns herself to marring Martin. But then, seven years later, her husband dies and she finds herself in a predicament…and Cutter shows up again!

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three words 3  3

Completely agree with flyflip87 on the hero's lack of a note. I mean there are three words in a variety of phrases that the hero could have written that would have held the heroine strong, not stay engaged with the brother, and get married to him. Examples: "I love you", "Wait for me" "I'll be back", "Don't give up". It's that simple, however, humans and harlequin make things complicated. So, in summary: the hero is after the supposed gold digger that his brother has decided to marry but on the way to meet her, he gets shipwrecked and fakes amnesia when the heroine helps him back to the home and nurses him. Then when they have a passionate night, the hero leaves *WITHOUT A NOTE* and the heroine finds the brother there to tell her she's been used by the hero *that's a lie*. He shows the evidence and the heroine believes and goes along with the original plan. The hero goes to the wedding but having the heroine walk right past him is hard blow to the gut and he leaves to go work abroad. Now, after seven or eight years, the heroine is getting harassing calls from the man who was owed money from the husband. Since the husband didn't pay, his corpse was found bound in chains. The caller isn't the only one who's putting fear in the heroine but her half sister, the legal child of her father who hates her more since she came into high society. Still, the heroine goes to the man who scorned her because she doesn't know what to do. He believes that she's a greedy woman but it all changes when they go back to the heroine's house to find the servants locked in the basement and the little boy in the hands of the dangerous caller. The heroine reveals the true paternity of the boy and the hero realizes the ugly lie his brother told him and he believed. They're able to get the boy back, when the hero takes the man's only child from him. Then there's the marriage talk but when the heroine gets words of her mother's death and they're at the funeral, the hero sees it all. He sees how the family treats the heroine and makes a statement, especially in the snobbish half-sister's face that anyone who insults the heroine, insults him and his family. Later, the heroine agrees to marry the heroine and the honeymoon reveals some rather interesting things; the heroine and brother never were together and the bad guy pops out of the bushes to get revenge on the hero for stealing his daughter. The bad guy reveals how the brother when drunk would reveal that the only way he got ahead of his brother was stealing the one woman his brother loved. Luckily, the hero beats the bad guy and the heroine lives. After a getting fitted for a cast and a sling, the hero reveals his love for the heroine who in turn does the same and we get a happily ever after.

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all he had to do was leave a quick note 3  3

This whole marriage with misleading statements and revenge was all because Cutter didn't leave her any sign that said he was coming back and how he felt for her. How slow is it to right down, "emergency call, I'll be back, wait for me" and then his name! I just hate his younger brother, this was all because he wanted to get the last laugh and finally win against his brother.

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