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Drew, a special agent from the secret organization OMEGA, follows his target, Tracy, to Catalina Island. He poses as a sightseer and approaches her, but she doesn’t fit the mold of an evil woman who would sell military secrets to terrorists. She says she’s investigating the death of a singer named Trixie, who died seventy-two years ago. She seems shy and lonely… Drew checks into the hotel room next to hers and then he hears a scream. He rushes into her room to help her, but she seems like an entirely different person. With a bewitching stare, she calls herself Trixie and leans into Drew for a hot, sensual kiss!

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becky's comment - June 16th, 2017

Hero showed up as a tough and serious man but he seems to be different person around heroine. Many sexy hot scenes full of passion.

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A bit unusual but good 5  5

This one was an interesting read because we get some action with a murder mystery with a paranormal touch. The heroine is suspected of stealing military secrets regarding the navy because before she was fired for repeated absences & complained that she was unfairly fired. Truth be told, I don't blame the government's secret unit for taking her last words to her company and boss, "You'll regret firing me" on a serious note and I would rather have them take it seriously. Now, they send in the hero who happens to catch the heroine when she's about to topple over a cliff in what looks to be a suicide attempt. The heroine claims she heard a song then didn't know what she was doing. As we go further along with the hero, he comes across the heroine who seems to have a spilt personality of a sexy singer from the 1940's who was murdered. There's a bit of a misunderstanding with the singer and the heroine switching back and forth. The hero checks out that her medical records show nothing or spilt personality or even being seen by counselor, only that she paid large sums to a nursing home. It is fun to watch how the two of them connect and the poor hero struggles with building a relationship with the heroine because she was seen as a suspect. The hero learns when the heroine attempts a second fall off the cliff that the singer is trying to kill her because she tried to make the spirit of the dead singer believe that her boyfriend (the one who the spirit claims who killed her) wasn't her murderer. The boyfriend was a foster father to the heroine and he's the reason she was paying large sums to the nursing home & her repeated absences were from taking care of him. Then we learn the connection; the heroine entered her boss's password to find information on where her foster dad was on his ship 72 years ago on the tropics and compare his time log on the ship to when the singer was killed. What she didn't know is the boat was bombed but it survived, repaired, and is in still use, and even departs on the same day as it did in 1941. So, the whole stealing military secrets theory is off. Now, the hero wants to help her in proving her foster dad's innocence and find the true killer of the singer. There is a bit of So, he puts his unit together to find what happened that night. There is some comedic relief in between the characters. Even with all the theories and conspiracies, they dig deep enough for the heroine to be nearly assassinated by someone. Now throughout this whole book, the heroine has had her head twisted around but not too far that she notices things about the hero and his friends. I liked how it was the hero who came to her and tell her the truth. She's very understanding and he tells when he proved her innocence the rest of what happened was personal. They become very intimate then find hard evidence that points the singer's murderer to.........I won't reveal it because that's no fun but the confrontation scene is great and the ending is better. I really liked reading this comic.

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