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Alexander has been waiting for his stepbrother, Damon, to bring home his fiancée, Sophie. But when he finally meets her, Alexander realizes that she’s wild, she’s adventurous and, above all, she’s beautiful. At Damon’s request, Alexander keeps Sophie company while she’s staying at their mansion, but his feelings for her grow stronger. Sophie, meanwhile, seems to be noticing Alexander, too. Their forbidden love deepens, but it isn’t Sophie’s only secret…

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I liked it well 5  5

The heroine, daughter of a carnivals fortune teller, is request by a friend to act as his fiancée that his family would despise her and back off the friend. What she didn't expect a number of things like becoming very attracted to the brother herself and vice versa. The heroine herself has a stay in one place as a graphic designer for advertising. Yet, it's not the biggest surprise of the night because the friend reveals he put the heroine's room next to his brother's, which is strange because if you were really engaged then you would want your fiancée closer to your room. So, the heroine and hero go out riding and enjoy each other's company. During this time, the hero's past of being kidnapped comes to light and nothing bad happens. Unfortunately, the whole event scared the hero's father so much that when the hero got back, he got personal bodyguards for him till he graduated college. This put the hero in a lonely spot because it's hard for anybody to approach with someone who's got two intimidating presences behind him. He tried to convince his dad to ease off with martial arts and weights but it didn't and the hero had to live at what the heroine calls a "fortress" of a mansion. The heroine corners the friend and learn out the whole pressure off marriage thing was lie to make up with the hero by having him steal the heroine because he slept with the hero's ex -fiancée a week before their. I agree hundred percent with the heroine's comment, "you...are an idiot." The heroine goes along only to bridge the gap between stepbrothers but if friend lies again then she's gone (he does). The days the hero and heroine spend together escalate their attraction and the heroine reveals that both her and the friend aren't engaged;the hero wastes no time pulling his clothes off with heroine going along with it. She tells him why she was fake engaged, which surprises the hero but when he starts to think they go back to more fun activities. The next morning, the hero meets the brother and learns the whole thing was a plan to make the hero sell the fortress because nobody has been happy living there and the mom could retire to Florida and the brother making expansion on an enterprise. Then the hero overhears the brother and stepmother in a conversation that actually reveals their true intentions and he thinks the heroine is part of their scheme. He confronts the heroine who is both surprised and angry at this new revelation of information. She criticizes the hero for not believing in her then runs off. The brother visits her and she gives him a piece of her mind and a knuckle sandwich to his stomach and she cuts off her relationship with the friend. It turns out the brother introduced the ex-fiancee to the hero but was in cahoots with the brother to make him sell the place and get the brother. The plan failed when the hero caught the two in bed and now, the brother is using the heroine without any idea to try the same thing again. The brother goes to the hero and reveals the heroine didn't know any thing about it, which horrifies the hero from the grave mistake he made. It's also when things start to clear up between the hero and brother about how the brother and mother felt constricted and wanted some independence from the hero but needed the money. He also reveals the hero was constricting the heroine, which is something she didn't want. So, the hero goes after the heroine, apologizes, and opens to the heroine that he was more hurt by the brother's betrayal than the fiancee's betrayal but he wants another chance with the heroine with the offer of living with him. The heroine gives a countdown of one month. So, the heroine and the hero have some a lot of bumps with how to communicate their living situation and pregnancy that the heroine figures out and the hero finds out through his brother surprisingly. Finally, after a night club, the two face each other on how they feel, what they want, and see what they feel for each is the same of how the other feels for them. It's a very nice ending but I wish there had been a baby.

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