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Laura is struggling to support her large family when her former boss Gabriel hits her with a proposal. He wants her to go to Rio with him and spend one night as his mistress, and he’ll pay her one million dollars to do it. There’s a company he’s desperate to buy, but the current owner’s fiancée is an ex-paramour of his. In order to avoid jealousy clouding the deal, he wants plain-faced Laura to pretend to be his girlfriend! But will they be able to keep the lie going?

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The heroine is given a job proposition when she coming low from supporting her family of a sick mom, two sisters in college, and a baby boy. The only problem is that the employer is the father of the baby boy who has no idea of paternity, nor does he see the connection because that one night in Rio couldn't done anything. He asks her if the boy's is his but she lies that he isn't because the hero has said repeatedly during the 5 years she worked with him that he doesn't want marriage or a family. The reasoning comes from when he was a younger man, his twin brother was going to marry a girl but he was against the marriage because he believed that the woman was only after the brother's money since she already had his child and was asking about marriage. Then there's the fact that he quit the chance to become a doctor in order to support them. The hero brought his parents with him to force the brother from getting married but during the car ride home, the fighting was so bad like the weather, that they swerved and crashed. The accident killed everyone, except the hero who had to bury three family members and the woman swearing to never let him see his niece for taking away his brother. Now, the job is to act as the hero's mistress because an important client's fiancee was a girlfriend who might use her influence to stop any deal the hero has with the client with his single status but with a woman next to his side that would derail any plans the OW may have. The heroine is against it until the hero mentions the price and it pushes the heroine to accept because the amount would help immensely with the finances. So, the hero, heroine, and baby go to Rio. The heroine mentions that there are hidden sides to the hero, for example, despite the repeated statement of not wanting kids, he's always been kind and helpful to that. He plays with the little boy and spends time with our mother and son as a family. We also learn that the hero is still attracted to the heroine has he was 6 years ago but he didn't want to lose a capable assistant till that night where the newspaper showed him an article that reminded him of his brother's accident. He even tries to get into the mood with the heroine for a bit but that doesn't happen till more than halfway through the book. The heroine is left with the stylists who give her a make over. Her entrance into the party has all the guys' heads turning and blushing and sends the fiancée in a huff. Then the fiancée makes a big racket over what happened the last year and when the business man feels insulted and starts asking questions like who's the father, the hero declares that he's the father and asks the heroine to marry him right in front of everyone. The fiancée is furious and attacks the heroine but is pulled away by the businessman who breaks their engagement over her tantrum. The heroine is at a loss and the hero wonders out loud of why he could easily say that he was the father but he couldn't because the heroine wouldn't have lied to him. There's the dagger to the heart for the heroine. One thing leads to another then they finally have coitus. Then the hero proposes that the heroine really become his mistress but she rejects it and he changes it to his wife but she won't until he explains why he was against it in the first place. This is where the hero explains his objection to marriage as stated earlier. The hero blames and himself a murderer but the heroine objects to it that it was an accident in the first place. The hero promises not to betray the heroine and she agrees to the wedding. On the day of the wedding, the heroine is unable to hold back the lie and tells the hero the truth about the boy. The hero is hurt and runs off but when he sits down to think, he realizes what a big mistake he's making and runs away to the church. By then, the heroine's relatives are ready to make a riot on the hero. He makes a lovely speech of how much he has realized that he loves the heroine and wants to be with her and the little baby boy. The heroine is overjoyed and the kissing in front of a calming down audience. Nine months later, with heroine ready to pop, she gives the hero a real Christmas present. He's able to meet his niece with the woman. The lady regretted saying horrible things that day and wants to make a fresh start with the hero. It's a very nice ending with the hero hugging all three of his family members.

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OH MY GOD! It's been a while since I gave a harlequin manga 5 stars! I love this story and the ending was AMAAAAAAZING!

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