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CEO Jesse is rumored to be an unfeeling “machine.” But deep in her heart, she’s burning to get revenge on her father. Her hateful father laid his hands on his housekeeper, her mother, and eventually drove her to her death. Jesse’s determined to expose his illegal actions and have him sent to jail. A crucial part of her plan involves the buyout of his company, but suddenly a man appears who’s about to spoil her plans. His name is Luc Sanchis, a billionaire whose many affairs with glamorous women are known all over the world. Reluctantly, Jesse kidnaps Luc and takes him to a deserted island. But Luc remains perfectly calm, and in fact, he ends up seducing her!

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Kidnapping her rival had unexpected consequences 3  3

The author managed to pack quite a bit of hurt and angst into this story, although it serves to make the end that much sweeter. The hero is somewhat typical - rich, arrogant self-made playboy who shows he has a tender side, first offered in a manipulative way, and later genuinely. The heroine, on the other hand, is a bit of a mess, although she doesn't show it at first. She is quite literally a strong front over a nest of insecurities. She has learned to bury them and hide them, but realizes pretty quickly that her kidnapping plan may well backfire on her as being alone with the hero keeps revealing chinks in her armor, especially with the hero deliberately trying to get close to her. Despite this, she still comes across as a relatively strong character because for all her trembling and cringing, she never truly breaks or gives up, no matter the cost. The one time she is reduced to a mumbling mess, she doesn't stay that way (hero helps) and doesn't let it stop her. Sadly, there is not one, but two 'bed before vows' incidents; one an emotional release after the heroine's traumatic regression, and the second, later, when they reunite and the hero is seeking revenge for being abandoned (while these incidents might have been somewhat logical for the characters, in my mind, they weren't necessary for the plot, so minus 1 star). Needless to say, they're relationship is quite a roller coaster, but when all is said and done, the ending should leave you with a smile.

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kidnapping for a new reason 3  3

The heroine is one the brink of finally completing her revenge against the man who abused her and killed her mother; her father. She has spent years working her life off to bring his company to the bankruptcy but an investment from the hero's company could ruin all her plans. She tries all the legal ways to get him to withdraw but he doesn't agree, so she does the craziest thing: she kidnaps the hero. Funny thing is that the two don't know the other person has their own plan to get revenge on the heroine's dad. Just as well, the two spend time together and not help but develop a bond that grows. There are some up and downs but the heroine finally reveals her reason to keep the hero from striking a deal with the heroine's father. She tells him that her mother was in a mistress relationship with the man and when the mom got sick and the heroine wanted to take her mother to a hospital, the man locked them in a dark room and the mother died. She had to spend days in that dark room with her mother's dead body. If that weren't enough, her father beat her with a whip and sent her away. The hero realizes the how similar they are and reveals he also had his own plan for revenge against the father for injuring and cheating his father and whipping the hero as well. The two seem to meet at the crossroads but another disagreement pops up later that breaks them apart. Then the heroine is kidnapped by the hero and they spend time sorting out their feelings till they finally come to the conclusion that they are in love with each other. They reveal their feelings and we end with the father going to jail and the hero and heroine living the happy life with their daughter.

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