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Lily’s house has been sold by her stepmother and she has to move out right away. The buyer is a gorgeous man named Ciro. But she’s certain his charming mask is hiding a coldhearted businessman. Unexpectedly, he visits her right before she must move out and invites her to dinner. Then he offers to pay her brother’s college tuition and asks her to marry him! She’s been shying away from men ever since she made love to and was promptly dumped by her ex-fiancé, yet she begins to think that Ciro is a man she can trust… Until she learns after the wedding that what Ciro was dreaming about was a “pure” bride.

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becky's comment - July 21st, 2017

Heroine is such a nice lady, while hero is such an old minded youg man. Interesting to see how love changed the mindset of hero.

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save your own virginity! 3  3

I can't understand people sometimes based on what they perceive to be the virgins and the bedded ones. You could have a model who looks that she's done it with everyone in the room but has never committed the act, while you have a sweet old woman who brings her pastries out of her kitchen but would never suspect that she brings out her freak out on anything with a flat surface. I understand that people like the hero are going to have first impressions on the others like the heroine. The hero sees the heroine wearing an old ankle length dress with an apron on, and baking treats. One would think, "Oh! That image says virgin!" That's okay! He's interested in her and tries to do the deed but the heroine resists and that makes the hero even more interested and wants to know more about the heroine. They go out to dinner, talk, participate in special events and enjoy with being around each other. Then hero proposes marriage to the heroine and the heroine thinks it's a dream, accepts. However, on their wedding night, the image of the heroine being a virgin is dissolved when the hero discovers the heroine has already been deflowered by someone else. You would think, "Wait, they didn't talk about past relationships that may have gone further than 2nd base?" Well, I actually blame both the hero and heroine because they are both responsible for withholding this information. Now, the hero who suffers from the past that his mom was bringing home all kinds of men to their house has been portrayed onto the heroine as a....pardon my language but a tart. For me, it's not okay to place a certain values on someone and not have those values placed on upon yourself. So, now the hero has turned to Oscar the Grouch and it takes the heroine to shear her golden locks and walk out the door for the hero to say, "Oh! I haven't been doing it right!"Next, we find out that the hero's mother brought all those men over to their house because she wanted to find the perfect father for her son but it went south. I did like the hero's apology to the heroine and the ending was nice.

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