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Claire takes off to Italy after her best friend, Grace, asks her to stay by her side during her pregnancy. Claire thought a new life in Italy would be the perfect opportunity to forget her unhappy past. However, her heart is stirred by the beautiful yet unapproachable man who welcomes her at the airport, Romano. He speaks to Claire rudely and treats her like a child, and Claire is sure that they will never get along. And that is just as well, since she’s also sure he would never choose her if he knew her true self. But when the scars of her abominable past are revealed to Romano, she is shocked by his response!

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becky's comment - July 28th, 2017

I like the drawings of this book. Hero with spectacles is pretty rare in Harlequin comics. Heroine is beautiful and her friend seems to have a nice personality as well.

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fairy tale names 3  3

Our main couple meet because their friends are married to each other and expecting their first children. The heroine is the wife's best friend and the hero is the husband's best friend and widowed husband to husband's dead sister. Their first meeting goes awkwardly for the heroine who thinks the hero has something against her until he says that he just can't help but tease the heroine. The two are carrying baggage from their past with the heroine blaming herself for an accident that she had no control over what so ever and the hero from his marriage with the dead sister that wasn't so happy. After their confrontation when the hero sees the heroine's scars from the accident, they don't see each other till the friend gives birth to healthy twin baby boy and girl. During the waiting, the they talk and the heroine learns the hero only give learning about love from the friend's parents who gave as much as they could to him when his own parents cared very little for him. When the heroine sees the hero holding one of the babies, she realizes that she's fallen in love with him because she pictures the two of them having a baby. Then a near car accident where the hero holds the heroine as she shakes and quakes with tears of the source of her scars. She was hit by a teenage driver who died a day later when she was driving with some kids who got only minor injuries. Everyone says it wasn't her fault but it doesn't stop her from feeling guilty. It's after that the heroine reveals that she loves the hero and she won't take back her words. However, the hero can't return her feelings and walks away. It's not until later, the heroine learns from the hero that his marriage was less than happy because wife was self centered and a materialistic person who would do what ever it took to get what she wanted, even attempted suicide was one of the things that she did. The love they had was destroying him and he never wants to be burden with those feelings again. It takes a near drowning for the hero to admit that he's in love with the heroine but he doesn't have the right to love her because he was happy to be rid of the wife. She tries to convince him that it doesn't matter and he is a wonderful person but her words don't persuade him. So, the heroine leaves for the airport the next morning. Then right when the heroine is about to board her flight, the hero calls her name and runs to her. He admits his cruel behavior and holds her close then they confess that they're in love with each other. However, they do get on the plane so the hero can meet the heroine's family.

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