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Mallory is an actress who has a long way to go before she makes a name for herself in the world, and who has no family and relatives—she’s all alone. One day, she’s offered a rather strange acting job from a very wealthy man. The job is to act as his daughter in order to screen his relatives, who are after his money and fortune. He asks her to pretend to be a daughter he had with his past girlfriend. She gets surrounded by piercing stares of hatred when she shows up in a gorgeous dress and jewelry—especially from Tony, the business partner of her wealthy client, who presents himself as a dangerous man. He says, “Nobody here is welcoming you. You should leave this mansion as soon as possible,” but then gives her a passionate kiss!

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Acting on a real story. 3  3

The heroine is a struggling actress, hired to pretend to be a rich man's daughter in order to shift through the man's relatives and business partners and reveal their true colors. The heroine only agrees because the man is paying three times her wage for two weeks. The heroine runs into the hero who happens to be one of the business partners. When the man introduces the heroine to his relatives as his long lost daughter, they don't take it so well. The heroine handles them well and the nieces can't rely on her brother because he's so attracted to the heroine. So, she turns to the hero to conspire with the offer of getting the company. The first night, the heroine is pushed down the stairs and the hero finds her and takes her back to her room. One thing leads to another and they're making out on the bed but are interrupted by the old maid but she doesn't see the hero. The hero then warns her to leave the house because the incidents are only going to get worse. The next morning, the male cousin offers an alliance with the heroine against the hero and his sister but the heroine refuses. The heroine asks the hero is what the cousin said was true and the heroine answers that it's false. Then the heroine is nearly hit by a flowerpot but is shielded by the hero who suffers from the wounds. He reveals that he knew who she was when they met at earlier in the book at the theater and she takes it well despite being disappointed. The hero then talks to the heroine that the things they talked about at the theater were true but only moments after that, she faints and wakes up to find a threatening note at her side. The sister tries to convince the rich man that the heroine is a drug user and even the hero insists the heroine be take to a hospital. All of this is said with the heroine overhearing it, especially about the part of the hero questioning her identity. She runs out and is found by the old maid who gives her a glass of water, however, the heroine is able to put two and two together of why she fainted only happened after she ate food that was made by the old maid. Then the old maid attacks her because she's a reminder of her mother who turned out to be a real woman from the made up stories that the rich man. Apparently, the old maid was the rich man's mistress until the mother showed up and he turned her attention to her. She is also the heroine who interfered with their relationship and secretly hid any correspondence from the mother to the rich man of him being a father. The maid pulls out a gun and nearly shoots the heroine but misses and shoots herself from the hero coming in. The heroine faints and is woken up by the rich man and she confronts him on the truth. He reveals that it's all truth and she gives him an earful on his behavior and actions towards her and the maid. She leaves, having had enough of the lies but when she reaches home, the hero is there waiting for her. The two talk things out and the hero reveals that he wanted her to go to the hospital because he was worried about what was happening to her. He also reveals that he couldn't help falling in love and the she reveals that she fell in love with him too. Three months later, they're married and the rich man is slowing changing. We get a happy ending and a baby on the way.

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