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Gabriella was raised in a sheltered home and knows nothing of the world. After her grandfather, her last living relative, passes away, she reunites with Raoul, her first love, whom she hasn’t seen in over twelve years. Even though she doesn’t expect him to remember the promise he made to her when they were children—to marry her when they got older—he tells Gabriella that he will stay with her through these tough times. He takes her with him to Venice, and they spend dreamy days together. However, there are things she doesn’t know about him. Behind that gentle exterior lies the promise he made to her grandfather…and a quest for revenge!

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- Another 'when the story ends is when the romance really begins' story 3  3

Not that that is necessarily bad, but what we see in this story is the struggle to overcome, and the sweet promise of something hopeful at the end. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't exceptional either. SPOILERS FOLLOW: I think the thing that bothered me most, besides the hero taking his virgin friend to bed for a little BBV [Bed Before Vows] action (and at this point in the story he refuses to let himself love her), is the hero's guilt level re: his wife's death. It's just extraordinary... I mean to the point of hallucinations in the middle of the day, He even saw his late wife on the day he married the heroine! As a reader we are well aware, once we learn of the events, that the hero's reaction and the fateful delay it caused were wholly natural and he is blameless in his wife's death, but rather than take the 'plausible deniability route, he has embraced the self-pronounced verdict 'second degree murder' whole hog, and sentenced himself to hell. It left me hoping that counseling is part of their plans for their future. I will say, however, I liked seeing the heroine grow. She started out pretty weak and naive, but by the end of the book, she was ready to stay with the hero and take on all his ghosts if it meant she could find a way to give him the love and support he had once given her. They both wanted each other to be happy, and SHE was the one who was determined it was going to be together whether he thought he could so it or not. That takes some serious resolve. Of course, we get to see his coming around to her way of thinkng on the last page, and that's where we get our hopeful end, but they go through some angst to get there. I'm glad it's not going to stay on my shelf (its a monthly), but I it wasn't as waste to read at the price.

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ghost tale passes through the ages 3  3

The hero and heroine are childhood friends and but were separated after their parents were killed in an accident is now, the heroine's grandfather who the hero cares deeply is dying, he asks the hero to marry the heroine for only a short while to keep the wolves away from the naive and sheltered heroine. The hero only agrees after he learns that the brother of a friend is chasing after the heroine. It's at the grandfather's funeral that the two meet again and we see the fear of the OM (brother of the friend) when he sees the heroine. The man is interested in the heroine, trying to convince her to move in and everything but he isn't respectful enough to turn off his phone at a funeral reception for business. Shoot, even the heroine's friend doesn't like him. Now, the hero and heroine go out for lunch and discuss the grandfather and the hero tells the heroine of the promise (leaving out the marriage bit, of course), and asks the heroine if she want to come along with him on a business trip to Venice, since she's off work. Then she gets word that the friend is arrested for embezzling charity funds. She wants the hero to help her friend because she thinks he's innocent but the hero won't because of the amount of evidence stacked against him, not to mention that they raid the office and caught him at the airport. So, he convinces her to come with him to Venice and she learns about the rare beauty that the hero's late wife was and a ghost story about the rich man catching his wife in bed with his right hand man then shooting them both in the river. The two of them become closer over time, making it to home base but after that, the hero gets a call that the friend has been bailed out. Now, he makes a quite proposal to the heroine in order not to lose her (not as a way to keep his promise but because he wants her.) Then they have a quick wedding. However, it seems that the hero is haunted by the ghost of his dead wife like the rich man because he can't do anything with the heroine with it comes to the passionate stuff. Then she the hero is away, she finds the key to the lock and opens the door filled with the last wife's things then nearly falls out of the window. She is saved by the hero who opens up that the last wife didn't want to be loved but to be worshiped and she had an affair with the hero's friend who happened to be the brother of the heroine's friend. When the hero caught them in that very room, shouts were heard and the wife fell out of the window. The hero says that it's his fault that his wife died and admits the only reason why he married the heroine in the first place was to protect her from the friend. The heroine is shocked and leaves at this startling news. They don't see each for another month until they take a gondola ride and the heroine tells the hero that she still loves him and he asks her if it's okay for him to love her. We get a kiss and the end.

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