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Kaye was asked out on a date by Formula One world champion Jared. Completely smitten with the famous playboy, she gave him her virginity. But after they consummated the act and Jared realized she had been a virgin, he turned away from her. Kaye’s first love was cruelly trampled on. But her pain wasn’t over yet. She had gotten pregnant from her one-night stand, and she was unable to get in touch with Jared. So Kaye raised her child alone for six years. Until one day when Jared showed up again…

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It was okay. 3  3

It's by chance that the hero sees a photo of a little boy whose age and birth match the timing of the heroine that he was with. A man who thought he could never have kids, looks at a younger version of himself and wants to be apart of his life. The heroine isn't so up to par because their first and only night together in poorly because the hero found out that he deflowered a virgin, even though he was being a gentleman about the whole thing, he left the team she worked on before she could tell that she was pregnant and she couldn't find any way to contact him. The heroine and hero have dinner where the hero asks the heroine for confirmation that the boy is his son. Some explanations are cleared on the lack of contact (controlling ex made him change everything). Their conversation goes well but the next day goes badly for the heroine when the heroine's boss fires her because she was seen with the hero from the opposing team without even listening to her. Then there's the surplus of child support payments from the hero, gets a job with the hero's team with plans to fly her out to Spain. It turns out to be all the hero's plan and the heroine only upset for a bit. The two of them start to rebuild their relationship. After while, they tell the little boy of his relationship with the hero and it seems to go well until the heroine starts talking about children, which shuts the hero off. He doesn't reply to her texts and she gets the startling news of the hero having mumps when he was younger and lost his fertility. Apparently, he's been going to see his girlfriends to see if they had his child. Well, the heroine gives the sleazy reporter a good and walks off. However, his words make the heroine doubt if the hero wants only the child and she's just the bonus. So, she breaks all communication from the hero till he gets into an accident, giving them an opportunity to talk when he wakes up to her tear-stricken face. They talk over the events that led them to this moment, their feelings, and how they are in love with each other. The two of them kiss and we skip to a wedding. It's a decent ending.

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