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When Lucy's father suddenly confesses to her that he’s been embezzling company money, she knows she must do what she can to protect him from being arrested and imprisoned. The only man who can help is Gabriel, the new president of her father’s company. Gabriel asked her out on a date two years ago, but she turned him down. Now Gabriel will only help her on one condition: she must go to bed with him!

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okay, I guess 3  3

The heroine tries to be the mediator between the hero and her father because her father "borrowed" company money to take the heroine's mother on a cruise when they found out about her heart condition. Now, the surgery for the heart was successful but the company found out and want justice. The heroine thinks that the problem can be solved if she goes to the hero to offer up her savings to pay it back but she has no idea of the amount because the hero tells her that it's not even close to being enough. However, he proposes a deal if she sleeps with him then he'll cover the stolen money and not charge the heroine's father. Why? It's because the heroine did the unthinkable of turning down the hero's dinner offer two years ago. The heroine refuses his offer aggressively but he gives her time to think with his phone in her hand and a remainder that the law will run it's course and have the father sent to jail for his crimes if she doesn't agree. After a trip to the hospital, the heroine agrees to his proposal. Of course, the parent don't expect a thing and think everything is fine but the heroine has to go to London to pay the piper. The heroine is a new person to the hero who's used to sweet flatter and flittering eyelashes when the heroine gives him a sharp tongue and glaring eyes. The beginning doesn't go well with the surprising news for the hero that the heroine's virtue is still intact. He tells the heroine that he won't bed her because of her virginity but will honor his side of the agreement. So, when he gives her the chance to leave, she backs out and wants to get to know him and do some fun things. One of them is going to a wax museum then they begin the physical side of the relationship. The heroine lies to her family that they're engaged in order to keep them from knowing the truth. However, she gets tired of the hero's prickliness and wants to end their relationship. The hero goes with it but it bitter over that fact that he was dumped by a woman. So, he goes to see the heroine but discovers a ring on her finger and thinks that she used him to get another guy but the ring is just a prop to keep the heroine's family from asking questions. When the heroine explains the ring and why, they go to the heroine's home and he plays along with the heroine's lie. Later, when the hero and heroine are alone, he admits that he was wrong and decides to play along with fake fiancee. However, after a while, a the heroine can't take it and calls off the whole fake engagement. Later, she goes back to the hero, only to find him with another woman. Some stuff is cleared up but the whole talk of how they are in love with each other was strange for me and even at the ending, it was still strange.

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