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Trish’s first love was Adam, a man sixteen years her senior. Figuring there was no way he could love her back, she pulled away from him, but now it’s four years later, and she has met him again at his engagement party. Adam is more attractive than ever, and his lovely bride-to-be seems like a good match. Trish wonders what might have happened if she hadn’t run away all those years ago… She returns to her hometown on a remote island, hoping to soften the sting of her regret. Her relief doesn’t last long, though, as Adam has followed her there! What could he possibly be thinking?

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jumps to conclusions a bit 3  3

This is an unusual one because the heroine met the hero when she was sixteen but he's twice her age and married to the heroine's best friend's mom. So, strange for me but later on, the mom dies from and she helps him get back on his feet and onto to other women despite having hot feelings for him. When they're alone, he asks if there's someone special in her life and she lies that there is. The hero looks grim, wishes her all the happiness in the world then goes back to the party to the snobby OW. So, the heroine has put it into her head that because the hero works in the city, there's no possible way that he could ever be happy with a country girl like herself. Then it turns out that her next guest at her hotel is the hero and she admits that she lied to him. The hero is there secretly away from the OW that he planned to marry in order to get the heroine out of his head once and for all. Later on, after winning the hearts of the stubborn grandma and learning the heroine's selfless giving past, he admits that he wants her and gives her the opportunity to turn him down but she doesn't. Then after duty, the heroine freaks out, telling the hero to get out because they betrayed the OW but the hero says that he doesn't regret, which only infuriates the heroine more. She kicks him and he leaves, only for the heroine to discover later that she's pregnant. She decides to not to tell the hero but luck isn't on her side and the hero appears at her hotel again. When our main couple is alone, the hero tells the heroine that he broke his engagement to the OW and that the heroine is the one he wants. He also reveals his past of having a bad childhood with only his twin brother there for him. Then the brother dies from sickness and the hero fell into despair only to be rescued by the dead wife. The hero says that he wants to be with the heroine but she doesn't believe him because all men say that but leave like her father. So, the hero commits to working to gain her trust. Then the heroine acts all childish when she sees the hero helping the her assistant when the hero is just helping the girl learn how to use the computer and conquer her stutter. Slowly, the heroine starts to think that the hero is there to stay with buying a farm, comforting her when her grandma gets hurt but that blows all away when she receives harassing calls and faxes from the OW of how the hero doesn't care about her and will leave her. Then she stars accusing him of seducing the assistant and she's really being childish on this one. The hero is shocked and hurt over her accusation and the fact that she couldn't trust him by taking the word of the OW over him. Then she collaspes, rushed to the hospital and the hero learns of his impending fatherhood from the doctor, which is not the best way for him to learn. So, after supporting his stand that he's a trustworthy guy, he tells the heroine that it may not be a good idea for them to live together because she can't trust him. The heroine replies that she's sorry but she can't give herself completely to the hero until he tells her that he loves her. Then he talks about his past with the skepticism of people in general and the death of his twin brother made it hard for him to say I Love You. However, he's able to say it with a marriage proposal right in after it, which the heroine replies yes to. We fast forward seven years later where the hero and heroine are seeing off their six year old son as he gets on the ferry to go to school on the mainland. The two hold and kiss and the end.

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