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Sandi works at an advertising company in New York and has a painful past involving her ex-husband. What sustains her is her dedication to looking after her pregnant sister, Ann, who just lost her husband. One day, a sophisticated man named Jacques visits them. He turns out to be the brother of Ann’s late husband. He insists that Ann deliver the baby at his family castle. But Ann’s husband’s family disowned him! This must be some kind of diabolical plan! Sandi takes off to France with her sister, where she’s bewildered by the sweet words uttered by Jacques, who has eyes filled with temptations. She mustn’t trust him!

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3.5 the lioness 4  4

The heroine is at odds when she first meets the hero because he's the same man who disinherited his brother for marrying her sister. The hero has come to see the sister because she was his dearly departed brother's wife but is shocked at her maternity sized appearance. The sister has the heroine speak on her behalf who quickly chastises the hero withholding financial support to his brother who died in an accident from overworking himself. Yet, the hero scolds for thinking that he feels no sadness or pain from his brother's death. Then he brings up the subject of bringing the sister to the family home to meet the mother because she if learns that her younger child was having a baby then it might bring back the spark of life in her eyes. The heroine is against but the sister agrees to go because it's the place where her beloved grew up and it's the place she wants to give birth to her baby. The hero learns the heroine has been supporting and raising her sister since she was 12 after their parents died and sent money to the young couple after the sister became pregnant. The hero and heroine have another private discussion where the heroine wants the hero's word on guaranteeing the sister and baby's happiness and he says that he'll do it by marrying the sister, which ticks the heroine off. Although, they come to an agreement to put a good front for the others. Later, after settling the sister down at the castle, they're invited to a party by the OW whose eyes are locked on the hero. The hero takes her to his home; a cottage out of a fairy tale where things start to get hot but the heroine holds her own by telling the hero of her bad romance with a swindler and after hearing she puts her sister's happiness before her own, the hero stops and takes her back to the castle. The heroine goes back to work, although she does stay in touch with the sister on her health who's been spoiled with all the attention from the little nieces. The hero then meets the heroine at her work to take her out to dinner. Instead, they go to her place where the opening of confused feelings surfaced and the hero reveals he was like his brother and heroine, a naive boy who was scammed by a woman. Apparently, he married her against family wishes but received a visit from police to inform him of her death by overdose with another man who was her boyfriend and his best friend. She married him to steal his money but she died before the plan was set in motion. So, it's understandable why the hero wasn't so big on the brother meeting a girl in college. Then some more confusing show up and suddenly, they take their clothes off and fall into bed. The next morning, the heroine goes to meet the hero at the airport and puts a stop to their budding relationship. They separate but not before the hero gives the heroine one more kiss. They don't see each other till the sister goes into labor and asks for the heroine to come. This is a very sweet scene for me because the sister is in danger then the mother comes in and gives her encouragement that she can do it. We are presented with a beautifully baby girl and a healthy if not exhausted sister. The heroine learns that the hero never stopped sending money, the brother asked him to stop in order to prove that they were an independent group. Plus, the hero and heroine have a open-heart talk where the hero tells her that his confused feelings were feelings of love and she replies that she loves him too. We have a happy ending with a wedding.

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