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Sydney thought her dreams had come true when she married Malik, the prince of Jahfar…until the day she overheard Malik making a confession to his brother that shattered her. Heartbroken, Sydney fled from her husband and their once happy home. Now, a year later, Sydney is in California, working in real estate, but her heart still yearns for Malik. Determined to get over him, Sydney files for divorce and sends the papers his way. But much to her surprise, Malik won’t sign the papers, instead insisting that she must come to Jahfar and spend forty days with him before he’ll finalize the divorce!

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2.5 Why won't she tell him??? 3  3

It has always eluded me of why some harlequin heroines never tell the hero that key phrase they heard that pushed them to break it off, break into a run, etc. What's stopping these women from telling the men who hurt them what pushed them? Their minds are already made up and it's not like it won't make a difference. To add it up quickly: the hero and heroine meet when the hero was looking for some houses and the heroine was the real estate agent. We get that passionate whirlwind with the main couple marrying. However, the heroine notices the hero won't introduce her to his family, etc. I mean the hero clams up and the heroine thinks it's because it's her as the main reason. She doesn't push him for a sit down and say, "Listen, I know you haven't let me meet your family and I wish to know why. It's because you not introducing me makes me feel like I'm unworthy or you're ashamed." That would have been a great start point for the heroine to find out that the hero doesn't want her to meet his family or more specifically his mother who has used him and his brother as tools in her conquest for power. The straw that broke the camel's back was when the heroine overheard the hero talking to his brother on how it was a mistake to marry the heroine. The heroine is brokenhearted and runs off. The hero is too and the heroine's abandonment makes him stay away. That is until she sends him the divorce papers. So, he goes after her with a lie of them having to be together for forty days to officially divorce. It's there the heroine gets the whole standoffish attitude of the hero and thankfully a fellow California girl for soon to become ex-in-law who gives her the 411 on the hero and his brother's lives. The heroine learns more and more about the hero during that time but she still is following through with the divorce because the hero is following through with it. The irony part is that the hero is doing the same with her. We get that scary situation with being buried in the sand and the heroine finally reveals the little tidbit. So, the hero lets her go and the heroine finally realizes the hero did love her because he sees words as meaningless where actions have power. She still doesn't get the hero still loves her. Now, the heroine goes back home and she finds her sister bruised and beaten by her latest beau. Apparently, the sister was out to make the heroine jealous because she was jealous when the heroine got married to the hero since he was a prince. This is what I couldn't understand about the sister; she thought marrying this prince was the fairytale dream but she fails to see you're not just marrying a prince but a lifestyle. I mean Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are a prime examples of it. It's tough change in one's life and whole episode the heroine sees on her sister gives her that dawning moment that everything the hero did was a show of his love to the heroine. So, she books a flight ticket to the hero's country but the hero beats her to it when she going to show house and he's the buyer. We get the confessions of love from the two and a happy ending. Although, it just wasn't my kind of book.

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