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Catherine has been living half a globe away from her husband, Vito, for three years now. For as long as he can remember, their son, Santos, has never seen his mother and father together. Vito was looking forward to the next of Santos’s periodic visits, but his new lover, Marietta, isn’t happy about having Santos in the picture. To protect Santos from Marietta’s cruelty, Vito hatches a plan to live together with his wife and son as a family once more. Though her old wounds haven’t healed and the fire of their love has long since gone cold, Catherine finds her heart racing at Vito’s touch. Are they living together for Santos’s sake alone?

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she burnt them bridges down 3  3

I really couldn't get the OW and I didn't like her one bit for how stupid and insensitive she is. In the beginning heroine and hero have a whirlwind romance that results in a shotgun wedding and after the son is born, the heroine is pregnant again but she suffers a miscarriage but when she calls the hero to let him know, the OW answers on how the hero is with her and all that. Now, the heroine is told that getting pregnant puts her health at more risk than the average woman and she's so hurt by the hero's "infidelity" that she divorces him immediately. Later, after three years of raising a kid and having the kid become more used to plane than any child ever known because of his parents long distance location, has never seen them together. Not only that, but the boy is anxious and angry because he's being harassed by the OW of how the hero and heroine don't love him at all and the hero is going to marry her. Here I am thinking: What the heck is wrong with you, woman???!!!! You want to get your foot in the door with the hero and have him marry then you need to by nice to his child and not say such horrible things!!! It doesn't stop there, the boy's bad behavior does the impossible and has the hero and the heroine in the same room right at the time the little boy comes in and gets the surprise of a lifetime to see both parents together. Now, the two of them have to act out that everything is fine and act out means acting together. So, the heroine is sent to Italy where she finds that the OW lets herself into not only the hero's home but also the mother's home who's a real treat to the heroine. The OW takes advantage of the family friendship that she has with the hero and his mother to make the lives of the heroine and the little boy miserable. It is obvious that the our main couple is still in love with the other and they are stubborn with their feelings of love and hurt. Now, this is the ironic part of the whole thing with the OW, she has been in love with the hero since they were kids and they did have a one night stand that ended awkwardly where the OW reassured the hero that it was no big deal. Then she marries the hero's best friend who knows that the OW is in love with the hero, even after they're married. The person I felt sorry for was the best friend because he marries the woman he loves and continues to even though she doesn't love him back. Then he gets really sick, she pays attention and in his dying moments, he tells her to go seek her happiness for him and dies. Alright, I don't think the friend meant that by seeking happiness, you torment a young woman and a little boy, take advantage of an old woman, and hurt the hero in an immense way in order to achieve your happiness. Luckily, at a party, the OW drags the hero away to threaten that she'll tell lies to the heroine if the hero do as she says. The hero won't have anything to do with the OW, comments how hurt he is by her threats, and states that the only woman he loves is the heroine. The heroine happens to hear all of it and she isn't the only one, the mother does as well and comes out of the bushes to the OW's pale gaze. The OW realizes everything she confessed to, the horrible things have just been pulled out of the closet and she has burnt down the bridges of some of the closest people she has in her life. She has a breakdown and we cut to the scene where the hero is apologizing for not believing in the heroine and they have a talk about everything and finally straighten out that they share the same feeling for each other. The heroine also reveals about her 2nd pregnancy, which has the hero feeling happy and frightened because he found out earlier in of how dangerous a pregnancy for the heroine is but they admit her into the hospital and she delivers a healthy baby girl.

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