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One Friday evening, a large bouquet of beautiful white roses is delivered to Sarah just before the end of the workday. The card says they’re from her secret admirer. Rumors spread rapidly through the company about who the sender could be. But Sarah is at a loss. She has absolutely no idea. But suddenly, raising her eyes, she notices her boss, Matt, staring at her. Could they be from him? Because he’s the kind of secret admirer she could really get on board with!

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what the other thinks. 3  3

The hero is getting flowers and chocolates at her desk and while, she thinks it's the hero for a while. However, it's not him but he's pushed by the other ladies to help the heroine because they said if he wants to keep the heroine in tip top shape then he needs to help. It's kinda of funny, if not bad of how the two of the skirt around each other, having entirely different ideas of what's going on. The heroine thinks the hero wants to reveal their but can't because of workroom policy and the hero thinks the heroine is having a hard time accepting these gifts because she doesn't know who her secret admirer is or giving her tips on how to send signs to the mystery guy that she's interested. The heroine takes up on the hero's advice for a make over and turns a lot of heads, especially the hero's head. Then the senior lady points out that the hero is obviously attracted to her but he won't make his move until he has a lot more money than he already has because financial problems is what drove his mom to leave him and his dad to make him promise not to marry until he was prepared. Unfortunately, for the hero, the gifts start becoming fancier and fancier. Then he kisses the heroine but after the kiss, he tells the heroine that he's not the secret admirer. He also says that they should stop because to him, the admirer would be a better choice for the heroine. The hero leaves and the heroine begins the process of puffy eyes. She goes to see the senior co-worker who gives her some advice and tells the hero that she still feels the same for the hero before the flowers came. Then the hero offers his help to find the admirer and the two deduce that it's someone in the company. The admirer leaves a note to the heroine that he plans to reveal his identity at the company party but it seems that the hero sent him on a far away business trip because he wanted the heroine and confesses that he's in love with her. She replies that she feels the same and accepts his ring. It was a decent ending.

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