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Noor’s wedding to her beloved Sheikh Bari is about to begin when her happiness turns into despair. She accidentally learns that Bari doesn’t love her and that he proposed to her so that he could keep his claim to his family assets. Still in her wedding dress, Noor rushes to the airport, where she takes off on a small airplane. But a storm ungulfs the airplane, making it almost impossible to control. She then hears a voice from the back seat, and it belongs to a furious Bari! The plane ends up crashing into the ocean and they find themselves stranded on a deserted island!

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where's the I love you 2  2

I don't understand why these two people, especially the heroine who thought the hero loved her never said I love you to the other. The heroine thought the hero loved her but apparently, he didn't because he didn't say that I love you to the heroine but the heroine didn't say I love you to the hero as well. So, I don't know why the woman is upset because the hero may have brought up the marriage proposal it was the heroine who should have confirmed that the hero loved her. This goes for the hero as well. They only start to really bond with each other when they are really on the only two people on the island that they crashed on. The heroine thinks that they have no way of communicating with the outside world. They really start to learn about about the other person. The heroine thinks that she really is starting to fall in love with the hero until she sees him with the long distance radio and learns that he had known what is going in the outside world. The heroine loses her trust in him till the hero tells her why he did it and that he wanted to be with her for her. It was a nice ending but really, how could you tell that a person you were marrying was marrying for love like you when the both of you never said it to the other person.

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