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Allie's beloved uncle passed away, and she is tormented by regret that she wasn't able to make it to his funeral. She decides to live her life on the vineyard that her uncle bequeathed to her, but then her first love, Xav, appears in front of her eyes as the co-owner! Xav is opposed to comanaging with an amateur, but Allie plans to learn everything she can about vineyards from him in the two months before the harvest. Seeing her being so proactive makes Xav's love for her return. But at the same time, he knows that he can't let himself get involved with Allie. And yet, he can't seem to control the passionate feelings inside him…

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becky's comment - August 25th, 2017

Hero and heroine in this comics look so pure and I enjoy watching their life in the country. It is definitely a good place for heroine when she is suffering from the pain of losing a loved one.

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okay with the vineyard 3  3

The heroine back to the vineyard in France, where she spent many of her summers with her beloved uncle who sadly passed away and left the vineyard to the heroine. She wants to keep the vineyard going as a way of making amends to her beloved uncle who she hasn't seen in a decade because of a huge argument they had the last time. She also meets the hero, a lover from ten years ago suddenly became distant with the heroine one day. From then on, it's months of calls and him answering that he can't make it because he's busy or something. Finally, the heroine believes that he wants out of their relationship and leaves. Now, the hero bears a bitter attitude towards the heroine and wants her to sell her inheritance to him. The heroine rejects it and makes a pretty positive stand in not only keeping the vineyard alive but making it bigger with signing contracts into french stores and exported to foreign countries. The hero is a grump for half way through the book when it comes to the heroine but he does help her with some things and teaches her how to taste and make wine. The heroine learns from the hero that when the hero became distant was because his mother left the family for a lover and they had a bad crop. Of course, the heroine had no idea of this and is sad that she never knew and never stuck with him. Personally, I'm don't agree with the heroine's way of thinking or the hero's way of thinking because there's little detail that makes a big difference: she didn't KNOW!! I have friends who have dated and/or married farmers. During their dating period, the farmers would have to put a hold on any dates in order to focus on harvesting crops or something related to their agricultural job. The partners were okay with months of the no dates, lack of phone calls, and etc because they KNEW what was going on. Another thing about is the hero's comment of the men in his family not being whiners, which is one of the reasons he didn't tell the heroine. For the record, there's a difference between the two verbs of whining and opening up. Whining is when you have a negative aspect that you want to talk about and rant about. Opening up is different because it's focused on showing the other person how much you trust them by showing the vulnerable side or what is bothering you. The heroine had no idea at all and at the age of 18, she thought that he didn't care about her. So, they have a weird on and off physical relationship with the hero being such a hot potato in this one. The heroine's skills are finally recognized as she gets contracts signed and business partners popping up with her work. Yet, the hero puts the heroine at a distance, not even the brother's attempts to make the hero jealous do anything. So, the heroine leaves and takes the sun with her. The hero finally gets a anger sent at him for his behavior and letting the heroine leave with his brother and workers. It takes a phone call about the wine that the heroine sent in for a contest for him to actually go after her. He finds her at a friend's house and reveals his fear to love but he has found himself in love with the heroine. The heroine forgives him and they fall back into bed. They talk about marrying and that is the end.

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