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When Tessa is on a flight to England, she is suddenly proposed to by the man sitting next to her. The man’s name is Lord Charles Cameron, the Earl of Dalston, and if he does not get married within the next six weeks, he won’t get his inheritance. But Tessa has no time for charades. She is too preoccupied with the death of her younger sister and taking care of her nephew. When she tells him her circumstances, Charles unexpectedly decides to help her out. He seems like someone she can rely on. But can she really trust someone who’s only marrying her for his inheritance?

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so-so 2  2

the story was quite cute but i still found it a little ridiculous...specially towards the end. i also think it moved way too fast for us to really get attached to the characters. but the hero was definitely a good one. he put the needs of the heroine ahead of his own and didn't try to force into anything. still, nothing excpetionnal.

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3.5 he was a prince charming 4  4

The heroine was traveling to see her recently orphaned nephew whose paternal grandmother has forbidden the heroine to even see him. The best the heroine can get is a few minutes on the phone with him. She's exhausted from the whole thing and the plane ride doesn't make it better till the hero brings her out of her bad seat. The hero asks her to marry him but she rejects his proposal based on how little they know each other. So, they separate but the hero save her yet again when the "hotel manager" of what they call a hotel, I call an abandoned barn tries to assault her. He takes her to his home and she reveals her family tragedy as well as obstacle called the monster-in-law. I mean this woman is a creature called haggish, nasty, and foul-feeling character inside and out. It takes one meeting with the vile woman for the hero to take action against the viper of a woman to save the little boy who's absolutely terrified of the woman. He uses the marriage part as a way to make their case against the monster-in-law stronger but the heroine hesitates to the marriage part. With some pressure and hard core facts, they take the sweet little boy from the descendent of Cinderella's stepsisters and leave her with a promise of what will happen to her if she tries anything. After a fun day of feeding the squirrels, the hero ask the heroine to marry him but she still can't because she's unsure but the hero has fallen completely in love with her. This has also placed him in a hard position because there's another reason why he needs to marry her, not for the inheritance that he doesn't care about but for a reason that the heroine doesn't hear entirely. The sad part is she only hears it from the bitter monster-in-law and doesn't give the hero a chance to explain his side of the story before declaring him guilty. She ends their relationship and breaks the hero's poor heart but learns the hard truth from the hero's lawyer. First, the lawyer pulls out documents that the hero had him drawn up in order to make sure that the nephew stayed with the heroine indefinitely without any interference from the monster-in-law. Second thing was that the hero's only trying to get married to fulfill the condition of the will, so that land won't be sold to the bidder who will turn it into a resort that will put local farms and townspeople out of jobs and homes. The heroine runs after the hero to apologize and confess she was in love with him too but she was just afraid. However, the hero can't accept her love because of how little she trusted him and goes to leave the place of legend where a mourning woman expressed her love in her birthday to her dead lover before throwing herself off the top to die and be with him. So, the heroine copies the woman's actions and bares her skivvies to world, while screaming her love for him. The hero runs back in a flash and grabs the heroine before she's blown off. He is mad at her but her actions reach the hero. He ask her to marry him one more time and she accepts. It's a very nice ending and I liked it.

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