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After Cressida lost her father, she is exploited by her cruel stepmother who inherited all of her father’s assets. She doesn’t have enough money to leave the house and she also can’t leave Moggy, an old housemaid who has worked for her family since she was born. She just endures the painful days. One day she is helped by a passerby, who happens to be a doctor, when she couldn’t move after twisting her leg. He is a Dutch doctor named Aldrik. Cressida’s life rapidly begins to change from the moment she met this man with gentle eyes.

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editor's comment - October 27th, 2017

A modern cinderella story of a plain jane. Heroine looks so soft and gentle and I am so glad she met hero for whom is going to help end her suffering.

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should have listened to Gee 2  2

There were three things that came out that were considered good by me: the bargain deal I got when renting this comic, the hero's helpful acts, and the heroine's selflessness. After that, it's basically the Cinderella story except she keeps finding herself in the whole evil stepmother theme every time. I mean seriously, it gets old even though the heroine takes matters into her own hands by leaving. Yet, I keep feeling that I'm missing it because the hero comes in to save the day of helping the heroine reread the will to prove that the stepmother was lying to keep the heroine and the old maid cleaning up after her then finding her a job to get away from the hag with the ending act is buying the house for the maid from the greedy nephew. It's all great that the hero is the do-gooder, shining knight in armor, saint, or whatever with helping the heroine. I applaud it but how he falls the heroine is a complete miss. I mean he's attracted to her selflessness of sacrificing her life to help her family maid as well as her hard work but that's literally it. He knows nothing, he doesn't even take her out for coffee to get to know her. Then suddenly, when she runs back to her maid's call for help, he runs right after her. Then when he sees her again, he asks her to marry him. I mean I felt the lack of developing romance or even love. The heroine is how we say, "out of the frying pan and into the fire" kind of girl. She goes from horrible stepmother to horrible employer who's in cahoots with her niece because her niece can't stand the idea of the hero talking about another woman when he's going to propose to her. Frankly, I'm not surprised that she accepted his proposal without question since she has been hounded by bad relatives and employers that the hero's proposal looks like it came from Mr. Sandman. However, I didn't enjoy this at all.

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wth just happened?! 2  2

UHMMMM........ What happened? everything was too fast. when did she fell for him? when did he fell for her? What led to that kiss? I'm dumbfounded. The ending was like, ok you can have me, let's live happily ever after. There's no depth.

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