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Nick is somewhat fascinated by a woman who lives on the second floor of his next door neighbor’s house. But he has no will to materialize his feelings for her. One day, a fire breaks out from the house where the woman lives and Nick rescues her, during which he burns himself. To his surprise, the woman he saved is his childhood friend Olivia. Wishing to help out Nick whose hands were burned, Olivia, now homeless, agrees to rent out one of the rooms of Nick’s house. That’s all there is, but people around them now believe that those two are engaged! Then Nick and Olivia decide to…

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I really liked the romance. 5  5

The hero and heroine were childhood acquaintances. They drifted apart till their till fiery reunion 19 years later. And by fiery, I mean the heroine's house has a fire with the hero helping her out through smoke and flames. In the process of helping, his hands get burned that leaves him incapable of doing many things. So, the heroine offers her services as housekeeper and typewriter. She gives him the news about her big brother who was a real bully when they were kids has changed into a loving father with a house full of girls. Later on, he blackmails the heroine into being his date for a cocktail party because he hates those events and if he didn't rescue her then the news wouldn't have plastered his face across the screen and invade his privacy even more. Unfortunately, one of the media's shark reporters plasters a bunch of lies on the front pages about the hero and heroine being engaged. The hero seeing no other way to let this die down quickly other than to remain in engaged for a period of time as a form of damage of control. The hero learns from the heroine that she was engaged to the rich boy of their town but he treated her like a trophy and had a more play than work attitude. Something she couldn't abide and ended the engagement that her parents still hassle her over. The hero sees the heroine hasn't had any support from people to follows her dreams of college and she has had to fight for them. He comforts her and tell her to be more confident in herself. However, as the lies grows more out of control, the heroine becomes more despondent since she's fallen for the hero but thinks he doesn't want her. Not even after their multiple nights of coitus. So, she leaves for home since it's still summer. When the hero finds an empty house, he realizes his mistake on a number of things. However, he doesn't realize why till a talk with his friends helps him realize that he loves the heroine. He goes to the heroine's family and pulls her away for a private moment. He confesses his love for her and wants to be with her always. The heroine confesses her love and they head back to the house where the big brother is waiting. The man has matured since he last saw him as a kid. We fast-forward three years later where we don't a wedding but a cap and gown. The hero congratulates the heroine as his MRS. and we get a happy ending. I actually loved that ending a lot more than other because I got to see the heroine keep pursuing her dream of college and graduate. To me, that was really cool.

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