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Love between Gray, the first son of a notable family Alexander, and Cassie was shuttered by Gray’s father. Gray’s father didn’t even let her into the house, when Cassie showed up to tell them about her pregnancy. Eleven years later, Cassis provides for her son, Rob, by running a general store. One day, Gray stands in front of her out of the blue! He instantly understands Rob is his son and expresses his desire to take responsibility for his son, but Cassie, unable to forget what his father told her eleven years ago, refuses to open her heart…

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okay, but not my favorite. 3  3

I did like this book because of what a gentleman the hero was in the book like respecting her space, waiting for her to give the okay on revealing to the young boy that he was his daddy, and not acting like a dog in heat. I just wished that he had that gentleman attitude when he first met the heroine. <(Sarcastic humor) Why? Because they had only been together for a month and they get the homebase so quick that probably about 1 to 3 weeks later, the heroine discovers her pregnancy. Now, I was confused on this because when a woman discovers her pregnancy, she will do one of two things first: tell a female companion and then the father first, the second is tell the father then the female companion. I don't know why the heroine told the father of the hero first. I mean, it may be his grandchild, but he didn't help in the conception. However, instead of jumping for joy of being a grandfather, the man denounces the heroine with the title of gold digger and threatens her to get out of town. Next, the heroine overhears the hero talking with the pretty girl of the school that he isn't thinking of marriage and she has basically decided that she is going to raise this baby alone. Okay, here is another thing that threw me off was the heroine call the pretty girl a classmate and with her behavior suggests that they may be in high school or as they call it in Australia: secondary school. I don't doubt that many kids in high school think about marriage in their lives but I know good and well that some of them have been marriage as a goal to reach in a span of 5 to 10 years before considering it. However, the heroine thinks that because of this phrase, the hero wants nothing to do with her and runs off to start a new life with the baby, not even giving a chance to either blow it up or be given a chance to be a father. We fast forward 11 years, with the heroine living out in the sticks as the owner of a general store and a ten year old boy. However, the boy has been getting into fights as of late, due to people making negative comments about his mom. Although, the heroine gets a surprise when the hero shows up but unlike some heroes in the harlequin, he doesn't go horns first like,"I'm here to take my son back, " or "You'll pay for what pain you have caused me,". He actually says that he's there to marry the heroine. I was surprised but the heroine remembers the old words from past and pushes the hero away. The boy and the hero are quite a pair of gentleman but I wan't so pleased with the heroine. I felt that she was missing an opportunity to find romance. The hero and son managed to hit it off well with learning karate and going fishing. The hero keeps asking for the heroine to marry him and the heroine says no to the end. It's only after meets the hero's father who actually uses the words, " I'm sorry" to the heroine for his past actions that the heroine actually agrees to the marriage. There were some good male characters ( hero's father excluded) but I just didn't find any appeal to the book.

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ugh! 2  2

My eyes are rolling again! Another story where I expected way too much again. Nothing exciting here.

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