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A man shows up not long after Marlene’s mother and Paolo, her mother’s wealthy, married lover, die. The man says he’s a friend of Paolo’s and that he wants to discuss Paolo’s will with her. But then she overhears a cruel plot against her: “Seduce that low-class harlot who’s looking for a sugar daddy and leave her without a single penny.” Because Marlene, her mother and Paolo lived together as a family, the man has mistaken Marlene for Paolo’s mistress…and decided to punish her!

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satisfying! 5  5

this is by far the most satisfying harlequin ive ever read. the smart competent heroine is not reduced to some bumbling fool of love and gets the job (and the revenge) done. the hero is level headed and albeit very one-track minded, means well and tried to do good because it's the right thing, not coz of "love" or whatever. the story make sense and seriously a girl gotta love a strong heroine who's smart and patient and and witty (and manipulative dare I say) and she's confident abt her abilities and knows what she wants. she's the most competent heroine in all harlequin story!

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She played them!!!! 5  5

I really enjoyed this one very much. The heroine is dealing with the relatives from her recently dead mother's lover, who's a married italian man and the family don't want her or her "supposed" son (it's her half-brother) have a hand on the man's fortune or company stocks. She accidentally overhears the hero and the man's daughter of their plans of seducing her to hand over the rights and everything from the little boy. They think because they found her in a garden that she's a country bumpkin making a meager living. OHHHHHHHH Boooooooooyyyy!!! Did they underestimate the heroine and I enjoyed how she pulled the rug out from under them. So, the heroine decides to go along with the idea that she's country bumpkin who speaks no Italian to let their guard down and figure out what's going on. The daughter is just a piece of work and the representative of the family (the hero) says yes to everything like agreeing to seduce the heroine who they think is the mistress in order take anything that the man left to her and the kid. What I couldn't believe is that the representative, a lawyer didn't look up any information on the heroine that could help them win. So, the three meet and the heroine plays along with their scheme. The hero wastes no time in flirting and seducing the heroine to agree to dinner with him. However, the heroine does hold strong against him on some things except the idea of going to Italy to participate in the board meeting, which surprises the hero of course. Now, once they are there, the dead man's wife reveals the heroine isn't the mistress but the daughter, which the hero makes an inappropriate comment about the man switching from mother to daughter. The heroine gave him a punch and after that, they both apologize for their actions and words. Here is what I found funny; the hero isn't the lawyer, he's a geological consultant but his womanizing and adulterous father and the family lawyer of the dead man. Yet, he didn't go to see the heroine himself and it looks like nobody did any information on the heroine after finding out her true identity like how she's a financial consultant with her own business. However, the heroine does the exact opposite and looks into the company herself, discovering the wife has been making stock owners of the company sell their share for a cheap price to the lawyer. I smell a scam that's going to crash and burn. Now, the hero and heroine spend some time together and they become more and more attracted to each other, eventually falling in love. The wife and the lawyer waste no time with trying to cheat and bully the heroine out of property left to her at a pitiful offer when she knows the true value of the place. As the day to the meeting comes closer and closer, so do the heroine and hero to the point of hitting the home run and the hero proposing marriage to the heroine. Sadly, the hero suggested the heroine to hand everything over the wife, which breaks her heart because she thinks he doesn't love her. The day of the meeting has a lot of rugs pulled out from under people: the heroine has the lawyer and wife booted out from the board and lose all the money from the company with her financial and italian speech skills, the countess pulls the rug from under her poor daughter by revealing that daughter's true paternity was the lawyer who was married at the time but they drunk blacked out the husband to make him think he had sex with the woman and have him do the right thing. She also got rid of any letters form the heroine's mother to the husband to notify him him of her pregnancy with the heroine and she only wanted the husband's money and power. Then the hero finds out what the heroine did from his father, which doesn't end well. The two separate on bad terms and don't talk until the hero comes to see the heroine. He's more upset over the heroine not trusting him than what she did. He also tells the snobbish and spoiled daughter is having a reflection over her words and actions because now all she has ever said about the heroine and her mother is thrown back on her as an illegitimate child, so she is going to rethink her life. He also explains why he wanted her to give up the money an everything but apologizes when he heard that the husband was her father and she was protecting his business. They make up and kiss with a happy ending.

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