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Théo, a count and a businessman, knew he liked what he saw as soon as he met waitress Carrie. But their relationship had one important rule: don’t bring love into it. Carrie sees him as a Prince Charming, though, and falls in love anyway. She’s desperate to hide this from him, but when she lets it slip one day, he abandons her on the spot. And not long after, she’s shocked to learn that she’s pregnant. A year later, Théo insists that Carrie pay a visit to his castle in France, and she introduces him to their son. Who else but Théo would have the temerity to suggest that their child is her revenge?

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becky's comment - September 15th, 2017

Hero expressions are so adorable when he is with the child. The kid definitely is one of the reason why they are together but there is definitely more going on between them.

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finding what you truly feel 4  4

So, the hero calls upon the heroine after he gives her the silent treatment for saying the L-word after a year. He thinks she's going to be all giddy to be back in his presence. Her reaction was the exact opposite and she knocked him off his feet. He gets glares, not goo-goo eyes and she keeps pulling away from his embraces with their seductive kisses. Then he gets the real surprise when he hears the baby cry. The heroine goes to pick up her son and proclaim that he's his son. He doesn't take the news well, goes as far as to accuse the heroine of trying to trap him. She says that she wants nothing to do with him and demands to know why he called her back. He reveals that he was the prepping the heroine for a romantic night and an exciting evening. The heroine is angered by the hero's cheap gesture of romance and snaps when he demands to know why she didn't tell him. She shouts that she tried with email and phone but he never answered. He vaguely remembers not answering her calls or emails. So, he asks if he can hold the boy. It's quite a couple of sweet scenes but the hero ruins it with news of the DNA test. He also blackmails the heroine into staying with him by using her family. It's a pretty dumb move because it only furthers her hate for him. The hero begins his mission into having the heroine marry without going for the concept of love. He goes out with them to shop groceries, makes her meals (burns the food beyond compare), and hot nights. He even tries to persuade her to marry him by listing the benefits that she'll receive from being his wife and a countess. Yeah, like that was going to work because his words immediately gives the heroine reason to put her walls up. He's finds out the results the of the DNA test are positive after the grocery and giving her a credit card in order. The news only pushes him to complete his mission. What he doesn't count on is falling in love with the heroine. He's a man who doesn't believe in love after watching his parents fight for most of his childhood then use him as a weapon against each other then tossed from one another like a rag doll. He does impress the heroine with how devoted he is to the son. He proposes one more time but the heroine rejects because she does love the hero but she says that he doesn't and that's the reason why she won't marry him. So, the hero proclaims he does love the heroine. The heroine is happy over this statement but the hero is heavily pressured from the guilt of lying to the heroine that he loves her. He finds himself unable to bear it and tells the heroine the truth as well as getting the DNA test results before their expected date. He tries to pull this spiel about he only went after her because she was playing hard to get. The heroine is hurt by these words and packs up with the little boy to leave. It's until she's on the plane that she realizes the hero's words were meant to free her from a loveless marriage and that he may in fact love her. During this time, the hero realizes that he does love the heroine because he can't stand a life of her not in it. So, he runs to the airport but sees the plane depart. He's practically in anguish till he hears the heroine's voice behind him and sees the heroine with the little boy. He runs straight at her, pulls her into a hug, and says "I love you,". She says she knows because she reflected his words and how his eyes looked. The two go in for another hug and we skip to the scene of the wedding and it's really a nice one.

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