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Today is Dilly's wedding. The preparations were all steadily underway when she discovers a shocking truth from a conversation between the groom and her father. He proposed to her because he had his eye on some reward? It was all a plan devised by her father because he was worried about his thirty-year-old, single daughter. Thoroughly humiliated, Dilly runs up the aisle and out of the church still clad in her wedding dress. She jumps into the white limousine that was supposed to be used for her honeymoon and instructs the handsome chauffeur to drive away. Dilly just isn't meant to fall in love. She'll never be able to get married. While staring in astonishment at Dilly's angry antics, chauffeur Mick is roped into playing the part of her groom...?

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sperm for a dowry 5  5

There are few women in the world who would want bull's sperm as a dowry and even less to find out that it's sperm is the only reason the groom is even marrying the a woman. Unfortunately for a strong cowgirl like the heroine, that's just what happens. On the day of her wedding, she overhears her father and groom talking business about how if the groom marries the heroine then he'll get the sperm from the father's best breeding bull. The heroine is shattered and calls off the wedding but not before making her presence known to the father and groom. She has the limousine driver take her to the hotel where the two of them stay the night. The hero is a cowboy covering for his brother because his wife has gone into labor. His morning turns out strange with taking the bride away before the ceremony even starts then gets a call from the father giving him the offer of sperm if he keeps his eyes on the heroine and tabs for the father. The hero can't resist because that sperm will really help his ranch out if people knew his cows were bred by the famous bull. It's a real funny story with out it all plays out with the heroine and hero go from spending time alone together then the maid of honor and mother coming in, having had it with other men in their life. Then the jilted groom (he had it coming) and the husband come barging in. Then there's the fact that the heroine and hero have to act like a happily married couple in order to steer the nuns at the nun convention from scolding him for doing "immoral" things before marriage. It actually all goes well with the maid of honor becoming a nun, the mother going with the father because the machine he used to extract sperm hurt the poor bull, and the hero and heroine develop a romantic relationship would have gone well if not for the act of god. I mean, he was struck by electricity so quick and bad that the heroine rushes him to the hospital. When they are there and holding each other, the hero's dumb brother comes in and opens his big mouth of whether he got the sperm right in front of the heroine. It's the hero's worst nightmare as the heroine starts to leave. He tries to explain, claims that he loves her, and all that but she gives him an impossible decision. She wants him to prove he loves her by giving up his ranch, it's something that he can't do because his mother did the same as the heroine after 20 years of marriage that she had enough of living on the ranch. She gave the hero's father a choice and he chose her. When he did that, he abandoned the ranch life and the employees/ old cowboy men who dedicated their lives to working on his ranch. He can't abandon them but his decision spurs the heroine to believe he doesn't love her and she leaves. The next few weeks are a strange one with the heroine at her maid of honor's wedding to the jilted ex-groom but she's miserable as ever with losing the hero. She wants to go back to him but she's so hurt over it. Then she's visited by his old ranch hands who show her a picture of just how miserable the hero is without her. They have a sensible talk with her and it encourages her to go after the hero. It was a really nice ending and I enjoyed it all.

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