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Ten years ago, Gabe left Emily in the middle of their honeymoon, abandoning her for a new job. Now, just when Emily has finally started to forget about him, a letter from Gabe arrives at her office without warning! She refuses to meet with him at first, but when he gets involved with her work, she has no choice. Upon learning that Emily is fed up with marriage but still wants a child and is looking for a sperm donor, Gabe comes up with an unbelievable suggestion…and asks Emily to have his baby!

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becky's comment - October 6th, 2017

I like the cover of this comic book. Hero is such a workaholic that he would choose work over spending time with loves one. Hero did not seem to be able to understand why leaving in the middle of a honeymoon was going to hurt heroine. A divorce letter is a good lesson for him.

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A Steve Harvey Moment 5  5

If you're not sure who Steve Harvey is then that's okay. To summarize, she' a man who gives advice in a style, one example is re-stating what the other party said to him and shows the problem ultimately shows itself. So, we begin where the heroine has decided after 7-8 years since her divorce and single status that she's going to be artificial inseminated. Although, she can't get over the hero because all the donors have the similar physical looks as the hero. We flashback 10 years ago when the heroine is on her honeymoon with her newly-wed husband and her friend with her newly wed husband. Apparently, the two of them wanted to do everything together to the point of sharing a wedding and a honeymoon. The other couple is acting lovey, pushing the heroine to look for the hero and sees that he's in a deep conversation on the phone. According to the hero, she's been asked to participate in a new project. She pushes him to go because she knows that if she won't be happy if he's not happy. Yet, she still pushes after finding out it's a two year project in the Sahara desert. The hero resists for a moment but agrees with great enthusiasm on the heroine's consent. Here is the miscommunication between the two and the "Steve Harvey" moment: Heroine; YOU are gonna let your man leave you in the middle of you HoneyMoon without says, "Wait! You're leaving right now?! What about one more opportunity of making love?!" to Hero" "OOOHHH....Hero! Man, are you stupid or something?! You are gonna leave your woman like that with no one last time of making love or telling her, you love?! Dang! Then you run off shouting to that she's amazing!! What is she, your mom?! We know good and well that she's not your mom. Now, we fast forward 2 years and in those two years, the hero didn't come to visit the heroine, breaking his promise. Now, I would have given the hero a breaking his promise because of the Gulf War but that war was from August 1990 to January 1991. That's 5 months of no communication due to the war but the next 17 months months after war ended and he sends no message to the heroine saying, " Hey! I'm still alive." Here comes another Steve Harvey moment: the hero comes to the heroine finally and before anything special happens, the hero tells her that the project has been extended for another year and just leaves for the desert & Steve would say, "Dumb-cuss word, wonders why she sent him the divorce papers after that?!" He didn't stay for an act of love with her, definitely chose work over her. We go back to the present where the hero is getting a physical exam to participate in a biome study, meaning no human physical contact from the outside. They on the subject of the hero and the heroine's relationship. Please note that the hero still has no idea as to why she sent those divorce papers and is still shocked by it. He tried to contact her but couldn't find an international phone for 4 to 7 months. Then he just figured she found another man and just signed the papers. The doctor conducting the exam believes that the hero's issue with the heroine will jeopardize the project & won't sign it off. This pushes the hero to bring the heroine to him and even plays hardball by offering a proposal contract with her firm, using her as one of the conditions. The artist makes it that the two of the are still attracted to each other. We also learn how they first met with the heroine being a student & the him being a teaching assistant. I found it to be a cute beginning that ended sour after vows. After the talk, the hero meets with the heroine to discuss his current predicament. She agrees when he uses her firm as leverage and they meet with the doctor and all bets are off. The hero finally learns what a negative impact his absence did to her on their honeymoon and the three years. Plus, the memories of those lonely years has the heroine running out of the doctor's office in tears. The hero goes to the heroine's house, finding her eating dinner and reading her sperm donor list. This would be a good time to say the hero's good qualities, he's just made some stupid decisions in the last 10 years. The hero sees the donor & tries to convince her not to but she stands by her decision. Now , it leas to a surprising offer; he offers to be the sperm donor through traditional implantation. The heroine agrees after some resistance. So, they spend the weekend together and it goes wonderfully until the hero mentions he can stay until the day before the project. Steve Harvey moment:" Dang man! You just shut her off!" The hero leaves and finally understands the feelings the heroine felt when he left in the middle of their honeymoon. I did like when he admitted that he was the worst. The 2 weeks pass and the heroine finds out that she's pregnant with the hero's baby but only after the hero arrives to say good-bye & that she'll let him know if she's pregnant or not. However, she decides against telling him because it would be cruel to miss the year & half of his child's life and being unable to hold his own child during that time. She has support from her friend but still has to see the hero for legal consultation and tries to contact only by email. Yet, they do have miscommunication but only by the company's computer's censorship. The poor hero is so down by the lack of communication that it's affecting his 100% involvement. The hero & heroine slowly develop a virtual connection. In fact, the hero sends more emails in 3 days than in the three years they were married. They both strive to be happy for the other's happiness. Unfortunately, it also holds them back from reaching out & achieving true happiness. This goes on for 3 months till the firm is hit by a lawsuit from another company on the hero's project. The scandal has paparazzi with their video recorders come, catching the heroine and her pregnant belly. The hero catches it on t.v. in the biosphere with the heroine's large belly. He sends an email that if she won't come to him then he'll come to her. So, the heroine comes to him in an extra large astronaut suit because they didn't have maternity sized. Oh my goodness! I heard some of the sweetest confessions from both our parties that it made me feel warm and joyful. The heroine tells him that he love a mannequin. ( Sorry, a just a bit of humor.) The hero comes in from behind her in regular clothes because he made the decision to be with her & proposes to her. Both the heroine and the her child because he thinks that the heroine got pregnant from a sperm donor. However, the heroine tells the hero the truth and he takes it quite well. I love how they left the biosphere, hand in hand. The lawsuit was dropped because the companies had no legal standing. The last few scene had our favorite couple thinking up names for their new family. Despite my Steve Harvey's moments, it was a good book.

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