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If Elle could just get an interview with the Greek multimillionaire Alexei Drakos, her project would be accepted, so she tracked him down on the island where he lives. But when he found out she was a reporter, it looked like he was going to kick her out! It seems he misunderstood and thought she was a paparazzo. There are rumors that he’s a coldhearted tyrant, but he looks at the islanders with such kindness. The truth about him is surely on the island, if only she can find it.

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The heroine is a woman who wants a write her own pieces but her is only achieved by first doing what the boss wants and he wants a personal interview with the mysterious greek hero who disappeared after the attempted suicide from his ex-girlfriend the famous supermodel. The heroine is able to get on the island without worry takes pictures of everything like a regular tourist. Then she's spotted by the hero who he suspects is paparazzi ready to destroy the home he's come to care so much. He has her immediately escorted off the island till the hero's mother steps in and sees the heroine not as a sneaky paparazzi gal but a real hardworking female reporter. She has the heroine stay much to the chagrin of the hero who suspects half way through as the enemy. He thinks that after seeing her camera with all the miscellaneous pictures that she has a second camera, and etc. Even after she saves his beloved mother from being kidnapped by some bad guys. However, the heroine doesn't take his insults with rolling over but gives him a piece of her mind with facts and calling him out on his bad behavior. The last one is used when he mocks her for using the kidnapping attempt as an opportunity to gain his good graces and she calls him on out on his poor attitude and it's normal for human to help one another without expecting anything in return. He apologizes and agrees to the interview and so begins the learning more about each other. The heroine discovers the hero is a smart and good guy who helps a little with the island's income but not too much where they become financially dependent on him and tourism. Its really smart and good of him.The heroine also learns the book written by the ex girlfriend is full of lies and more so that it was published when the woman was hospitalized and it couldn't have been her who written it. However, the heroine gets kidnapped and it turns out the kidnapper was the ex-girlfriend's manager who developed an obsession over her even after she dumped him for the hero. So, when the girlfriend (forgot to mention she was bipolar and on the wrong kind of drugs) attempted suicide, the agent decided to destroy the hero with whatever or whoever the hero held dear. The hero is able to save the heroine in time and after a calm down time, the hero confesses his feelings to the heroine. It's a romantic ending and I really liked it.

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