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When Zanna arrives in her late mother’s hometown, her car breaks down. She visits a nearby mechanic and is taken with an arrogant man who is beautiful and carries the scent of danger. Zanna then goes to see the church that was in her mother’s childhood photos and her heart is struck by a painting hanging on the wall. When she asks if she can buy the painting, she is told that the owner will be hosting a dance party that night. Suddenly, that arrogant guy from the mechanic’s shop shows up and asks her to attend the party with him…!

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she couldn't open up so quickly 3  3

The heroine has lived her life completely under her father's thumb, trying to make him accept and love her. However, she wishes to know the mother who died when she was very small. This desire leads her to a small town, where she meets the hero and they share a spark. Yet, upset over having coitus with a stranger, she runs away from him and the chance to be free from her father. Then, she finds out that she's pregnant and her father wants her to get rid of it. I was practically disgusted by his order and threat by not getting rid of it that she would lose her job, her flat, and a position in his will. I was happy in her for sticking to it, even though it's hard for her. I was happy that the hero came to help the heroine except she rejects his help. She is able to find a job that leads her to the hero and that leads her to supposed dead mother. Now, here I was ticked because it turns out that the heroine's father didn't want any children and when the mother became pregnant, he gave the same treatment to the mother. She became so frightened that she ran away and planned to divorce the father. Yet, the father came back and separated the mother away from the heroine. The mother tried to get away from him with the heroine but the father caught them and took the daughter away. The heroine finds out that her mother is married to the hero's father, making him her step-brother. So, things became a little awkward. The hero tries to woo the heroine but a life with her father has made it too hard for her to trust the hero. Next, the father suffers a heart attack but the heroine just makes it in time for her father to say how relieved he is to see before she takes her final breath. The heroine finds out from the nasty secretary that her father left her everything in his will. I liked how the hero came in to show that nasty secretary a piece of his mind. It was a nice confession but not something I'm interested in.

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