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Sienna attended the funeral for the wealthy Guido Ferrante, in whose mansion her mother used to work as a maid, but just when she’s about to go home, a lawyer informs her that her presence is requested at the reading of Mr. Ferrante’s last will and testament! Why would she need to be there? It turns out that in order for Mr. Ferrante’s son, Andreas, to receive his inheritance, he must first marry Sienna. There’s no way Sienna will agree to marry Andreas—he arrogantly dismissed her as a lowly employee when she was young and dared tell him how she felt about him. And yet, the threads of fate leave no room for choice as the two of them are pulled closer together…

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Great heroine 5  5

Yup i love this story, cos the strong heroine. She always fight back so made the conversation between them interesting. She fought for her pride and of course for herself. And I love the fact that the hero has to search so hard to find her. Well, serve him good ;) after all of those assumptions he spat to her. One of my favorite, recomended

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Only one thing I didn't like... 3  3

SPOILER ALERT: When the hero’s father dies, the former head of housekeeping (and mistress)’s daughter shows up to pay respects in her late mother’s stead. She’s not well received, and the hero confronts her, wanting to lay all the blame on her mother but the daughter is quick to remind him that it takes two to have an affair. He makes assumptions about her. She snarks back. She acts strong in front of the hero but is left shaken and recounts how blessed her mother felt to have originally gotten a job with that family ten years ago, how the teenage heroine had fallen in love with “her prince” (the hero), how she found out about the affair, how her heart was broken and why her mother was fired after the wife died of cancer. Before she can leave, she is stopped by the father’s lawyer. She needs to attend the reading of the will. The family is livid, but they don’t have a choice, and that’s when dear, dead dad throws the hero a curveball. He leaves the house and winery to the hero and $2 million to the heroine on the condition they marry and live together for six months. You know… the all or nothing stipulation. The heroine is quite willing to turn her back on the cash rather than marry him, much to the hero’s surprise, as she had been previously married to a man 40 years her senior, presumably for the money. In truth, she had been caught up in a video internet scandal that almost wrecked her long lost, twin sister’s life, and had no one to turn to when it was all done. Her late husband was in a similar position, so they married to support each other. The heroine has laid low so it will be forgotten, but when the media starts reporting the hero dumped his fiancée for her, making her out to be the bad gal, she decides she might as well go for the $2 million and make her dream come true. She announces her acceptance to the hero by calling him out of a meeting at his work and making all sorts of lude innuendos in front of his secretary. He drags her to a private room where he continues to abuse with accusations of being a gold digger (quite crudely), even as he realizes he’s annoyed to hear her say she loved her late husband, and she digs right back playing to the accusation to the hilt. She goes back with him to his mansion and gets the thumbs up from the maid who assumes their match is by choice, but when they are alone, more sparks fly until the hero ends the fight the way most Harlequin males do… with a loveless kiss and leave. Of course, she goes weak in the knees because she’s really still in love with him after all these years. Going for a walk, she finds a stray dog and the hero finds her loving up to it. She wants to keep it and he reluctantly allows it can stay as an outside dog, mulling over what he saw and what he (thinks) he knows. The next day they enter a marriage contract with all the pomp of the real thing and leave for the winery for their honeymoon. There he discovers her passion for photography is alive and well, and he lets slip he remembers the crazy things she would so for a picture when she was younger. They take the sniping to the privacy of the bedroom where the fighting turns intimate and he discovers despite being married, she’s been celibate for so long she might as well be a virgin. This leads to some honest questions and he learns her side of all the horrors he has heard and assumed about, and it's not at all the way he thought. For the rest of the honeymoon they act like newlyweds, but on the way back he’s not speaking to her and leaves as soon as they get home. This leaves the heroine already anticipating the worse – she’s going to get used thrown away like her mother and he going to find someone else to make a family with. Meanwhile, he is delving into her past and investigating her previous marriage and learns even more of his assumptions are wrong. He learns the whys of it and that she inherited nothing. He returns in time to go with her to her sister’s wedding, seeing through her anger and prickly snarking, but she is not reassured by his change of attitude. At her sister’s wedding, she talks with the happy bride, learns her sister is expecting twins and manages to hide her jealousy, but the hero catches her crying and she confesses after seeing her sister’s wedding she feels like a con artist. The hero tells her he has some business to go take care of, but when he gets back, he has something to talk to her about. She automatically assumes he wants to break up because all he wanted was the winery (which doesn’t make sense because they must live as a married couple for 6 months to collect and they only JUST got back from the honeymoon) and leaves while he’s gone. The maid informs him when he returns, and when he can’t understand why, suggests it was because she didn’t know she was loved. She’s also worried about the dog who won’t eat. He goes out to see the dog and, gripes to it, but the mutt sets him straight and gets an invitation inside. We cut to the future. The heroine is trying to forget him while taking pictures in Scotland when she gets a call from her sister. The man responsible for the video scandal has been named and the hero is going after him (legally) with a vengeance promising to clear his wife’s name. She is happy to finally be believed, and then here’s the man’s voice behind her. He’s snappy he had to search so hard for her, but as soon as he has her in his arms, he’s confessing. Later, after they kiss and make up (and more), she explains her fears and he reveals the custom ring he had had made and lets her know she’s his til the end of time. He reveals the dog has taken over the couch and purposed another, fairy tale, wedding. We get to see the wedding dress and an almost kiss. I liked this story better than the last reviewer, right up and to the point she decided all on her own, without a single piece of tangible evidence, that he was going to break up with her and forfeit the winery he had wanted so badly. Yep, that's the one thing about this story that irritated me. While that part of the story blew by quickly, it disturbed the logical flow of the story and tainted the end a bit. That said, I still enjoyed it. There was no hanky-panky before the vows, and the art was good. It was worth the rent.

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It was ok... I guess. 2  2

The beginning had a strong punch to it. But I think after their honeymoon everything just went bland. I wish there was more tension just for the drama of it. The ending was below average but I've seen better endings. For some reason I thought this was Yu Senke San's work. The way they draw the male lead looks almost the same. All in all it was like a 4.5/10.

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