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On the day of her wedding, Shaan is told by her groom-to-be, Piers, that he loves another woman before he abandons her at the altar. Piers’s brother Rafe suddenly appears and takes Shaan as his own wife. Shaan can hardly believe that the handsome billionaire would marry her, the ex-fiancée of his younger brother. But Rafe is determined to cover up Piers’s mistake and save his family’s honor, even if that means entering into a loveless marriage. For her part, Shaan doesn’t want to be known as the throwaway bride, so she agrees to go along with Rafe’s plan.

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stupid brother 3  3

I hardly liked the hero's brother for many things. First, the man only dates the heroine and gets engaged in order to get back at his brother for being so perfect. I don't care if there's a huge age and communication gap between you and your brother because the heroine wasn't apart of it but you made her collateral damage. Plus, your relationship with the hero may be on the rocks but you sure didn't need to break by going after the woman he fell in a heartbeat. Second, the man didn't need to go so far as to get engaged then jilt the poor heroine on their wedding day and have the hero clean up the mess. Third, is the woman he eloped with because that was such horrible thing because he's now placed her as the horrible woman who broke up the wedding day. Plus, his selfish actions created a wall between the hero and heroine who had to do a cover up by getting married to each other and have a hard time connecting to one another. The beginning of their whole marriage is a roller coaster of them going up in making progress then down on going back some steps. After some time spent together, the heroine admits to a friend that she's in love with the hero but suddenly gets kidnapped by the jilter. The friends calls the hero for help and he rushes to find the heroine. During this time, the jilter asks the heroine to speak on his behalf and he actually tells the heroine that the hero loves her and reveals he only did the date was to get one up on the brother but he felt guilty every time he saw his brother look at the heroine with a forlorn expression. If the man was guilty then why didn't he stop? The hero comes in and after a fight sprigs up then dies. The two are able to make a fresh start then the jilter and his lover get married and move away. The hero and heroine also make a new start on life after confessing their love for each other.

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