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For years, Andreas Xenakis had a single-minded determination to find Siena DePiero and exact his revenge on her for ruining his life. Siena, once a rich socialite, now works as a waitress to make ends meet after her father’s company went into bankruptcy. The two meet once again and the attraction they felt all those years ago comes rushing back. Andreas is determined not to let his desire for Siena get in the way of his revenge, and Siena is overcome with the guilt of what she did to him. So when Andreas makes Siena an offer that is too tempting to turn down, what will they do? Will Andreas’s anger overcome his desire for Siena? Will Siena summon the courage to tell him the truth?

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Great story 5  5

the whole series was such a great read. i loved this story. the heroine was so scared of her father that she ended up causing harm to do the hero she couldn't imagine. so i guess it's normal that he would want to get revenge, specially since the heroine doesn't really try to correct his misconceptions about her at the beginning. Well deserved happy ending for the both of them.

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path of forgiveness 4  4

The hero is on a mission of revenge against the heroine who lied about their situation that costed him his job. Now, after five years, the opportunity has arisen since the heroine's father has gone bankrupt. This has left the heroine working as a waitress and the hero brings up a proposal to give the heroine money and objects if she becomes his mistress. The heroine is unable to turn away from the offer for family reasons and takes it with a few conditions. As they live together, the hero discovers the heroine didn't exactly live the happy luxurious life that he thought of. Although, his family was far poor compared to the heroine's lifestyle, they were richer in love than the heroine ever was. The poor heroine lived a life of fear under a man who whipped his children for fun and they had to do terrible things in order not to be beaten by their twisted dad like walking over their half brother who face the whip. The action made the half brother think that they thought less of him but they were only doing what he was doing: surviving. The hero is even more shocked when he discovers the heroine is a virgin, not the loose woman he thought of her as. Then at a party, she runs into the half-brother who turns out to be a hero from a previous novel and holds immense hatred towards the heroine for what happened all those years ago. He spews venomous words at the heroine in front of the hero. The heroine shamed, runs away and then lies about her feelings to the hero. Her lie breaks their relationship and they separate. The hero doesn't see her till he catches her working as a cleaning lady. He drags her into his limousine and demands why is she working when he gave her all the money and jewels. Apparently, the monetary value of everything has been paid for the treatment of the heroine's older sister who suffered more of the whip than the heroine. The sister also from bipolar disorder that was left untreated by the father. The man didn't want the sister's condition to get out, so whenever she was having an episode, he'd lock her in a dark room. The heroine's past is revealed liked the lie she told five years, leaving the hero shocked of the reality of the heroine's life. So, the sister is getting treatment to get her addiction of drugs and learning how to handle her disorder. The hero doesn't take the truth well, but he apologizes the next morning when he admits that an person who was abused as a child would have a hard time standing up to the abuser. He also states that he will pay for the sister's treatment. Later, the brother's wife comes by to see the heroine and have a pleasant conversation. I guess that she could see there was more to the heroine than a luxury upbringing since the wife was a victim of child abuse herself. The wife wants to make a bridge with the heroine and the heroine says she would like that. After the wife leaves, the heroine tells the hero that she wants to make a new start on her life and hopes the hero accepts her apology. The hero accepts her apology and asks her to marry him because he's fallen in love with her. I rather found the opening of hearts rather good and well written. The heroine happily accepts and we see in the next page of the brother apologizing to the heroine and the sister when he learns the truth of their childhood. He says that it will be hard to let go but he wants to try at having a friend/sibling relationship with the two. Then we get the ending page of everyone enjoying outside meal together. It's really a rather lovely scene. I found this one quite enjoyable.

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Forgiven But Not Forgotten 5  5

I loved this comic I recommend every one to read it if you've already read The Legend of De Marco because this is the story of his half sister. I was surprised because it gives you the back story of his half sisters' life n their connection.

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