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Kate awakens in a hotel suite and finds herself naked. Coming out of the shower is Michalis Theodakis, the heir to a global hotel chain. She remembers him saving her from men with ill intentions the evening before, but she never would have imagined that her savior would take advantage of her! When he becomes aware of what she’s thinking, Michalis is thoroughly offended—if he had shared a bed with her, he assures her, she would certainly remember it. Kate apologizes when she realizes he didn’t have any predatory intentions…but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any intentions at all…

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diving dark 4  4

Anyone who has lived around large bodies of water should know a wise saying, "Don't dive where you can't see the bottom,". Well, this story applies to the heroine when she accepts the hero's marriage proposal. We start in the beginning when the heroine and her friend are rescued by the hero and hotel staff from men who have spiked their drinks for a date rape. At first, the heroine accuses him of vile intentions because she wakes up the next morning with no clothes on in the hero's room. Insulted, the hero responds back of how much she's insulted him and that he would never do that to a woman. When she realizes the hero was right, she apologies and he accepts them with a smile. Next, he says water under the bridge and begins a polite conversation with her. She also states that she is getting married but I don't think it was one of love because she was having a sexy dream about the hero and the hero kisses her with the words if he were her fiancee then he wouldn't let be able to dream of other men. Their conversation ends but his words encourage her to break off their engagement and it left me feeling unsatisfied as to what made the fiancee non-marriage person to the heroine. Two months later, she's called upon by the hero. They have a passionate short time (it was literally one night) that ends with the hero asking the heroine to marry him. The heroine only resists a little to the idea of just getting engaged so suddenly with how they're from two different worlds and the hero has dated beautiful models and all that. Yet, she goes along with the whole thing instead going for the ninety date rule to see how things are going. When she meets the family, she realizes how deep in the family drama she's in. The hero and father aren't much on speaking terms not only because of differences in managing the family business, who the sister can date, and the fact that the father is with the hero's ex who has been making advances towards him when she can. She does make a good impression on the father with being able to speak the country's language of Greek. She gains the support of the aunt and sister but is seen as a target by the hero's ex. The woman can't get over the fact that the hero went from trampy gals to classy ladies; a.k.a, she lost to another woman. The heroine has to weave through the whole family drama, relationships, and history like the hero's mother death was from the toll of giving birth. The heroine also finds out that the hero doesn't want children but can't make a connection till the hero tells her in the end it was because he saw how his mother suffered and died from the effects of childbirth. Things go well till the heroine walks in to see the EX drying her hair, wearing a bath towel, and sitting on the bed where the hero is asleep naked. We all know what happens with the heroine seeing and coming to the conclusion that the hero is still involved with the Ex. The Ex is a smart one because she knows the heroine won't tell the hero and will break up without saying why. The heroine does it and there are a lot of fights between the two before the heroine finally tells the hero why she's leaving him. The hero has them get dressed and calls a meeting with the father and the Ex. He tells the father straight up and both men believe the heroine. The Ex tries to play it off as a joke but the father finally sees her true nature as a poison fanged woman. He breaks up with the Ex and apologizes for what happened. When the hero and heroine are alone, the two finally have a heart to heart talk about everything. They confess their love and stick with the plan of getting married.

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