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After years of illness and suffering, Carolyn’s mother is going to be remarried…and her husband is secretly having a gorgeous mansion built for her as a present! He asks Carolyn to make sure the interior design goes off without a hitch before the honeymoon is over, but when she hears the name of the architect in charge of the project, her breath catches. It’s Bahn Slater, a well-known architect…and the man who broke her mother’s heart ten years ago! He was to blame for Carolyn’s mother’s nervous breakdown in the first place. Carolyn can’t let her mother see him, no matter what. There’s just one problem… As soon as she lays eyes on Bahn, Carolyn finds herself falling for him!

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she had it wrong 3  3

When the heroine was fourteen, she came upon a scene where her mother was acting intimately with the hero and ran off. Right after, the hero left, the mother was left in despair, and the heroine blames the hero for it all. After ten years, the hero and heroine run into each other because he's been given a project to design the house for the mother and her new husband. The heroine wants him out in fear if he's seen by the mother then he'll cause her to have another nervous breakdown with the side part of the heroine really hating him. The hero is really patient with the heroine and explains he never told her mother that he loved nor indication for a fling. Plus, at the time, her mother was a lonely woman who missed her husband but the heroine doesn't know who to believe. Their relationship goes into rollercoaster mode with its ups and down. The ups being the hero telling her harassing boss to stop pressuring her and such. The downs were the heroine takes one compliment or a wave of the white flag as a sign to fight back or just be rude to him. The two struggle with their feelings till the passion explodes into a one night stand. The next morning has the heroine regretting it and leaving with the hero asking why. They break into an argument, which only ends when the hero gets word his mother passed away. The heroine learns he grew up in a single parent household and wanted to spoil his mom when he got the money as a way of thanking her for all the sacrifices she made. The heroine finally realizes what a great guy the hero is and she's been really cruel to him. Yet, she goes back to square one when she sees him with another woman. He sees her later that night, has another hot night, and asks her to live with him. She hesitates because of her mother, which has been the root of problems pertaining to their relationship. The hero decides to clear things up once and for all by seeing the mother. The mother confesses that she was having a hard time because the heroine's father was a professor who she held a torch for many years after he left to teach in another country. Around the time the hero came in, she found the father who told her straight off she was a fling and nothing more. He didn't even care about the heroine's existence. She apologizes for the misunderstanding and the hero was a victim in it all. The hero forgives her easily and reassures everything is alright with proposing marriage to the heroine. the heroine happily accepts his proposal and they get married. It was an alright romance.

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