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Marty, an obstetrician, has been going above and beyond the call of duty in caring for a certain infant who lost her mother to an accident. The father, a surgeon from Spain named Carlos, learns about his daughter for the first time when he shows up at her hospital. Faced with a dilemma, he ends up asking Marty to act as the baby’s mother. Marty isn’t sure about getting married solely for the child’s sake, but it’s an attractive proposition. After all, it would allow her to realize her dream of being a mother, which she thought would be impossible!

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first comes baby second comes love 4  4

The heroine can't help but fall in love with a baby whose mother recently passed away in a coma caused by a traffic accident. She feels a deep connection to the baby then finds out the father is here. The hero is a doctor who works in Sudan and they have only a first few minutes of a bad impression but the heroine can see the hero is at a loss of what to do and sets out to help him become a father. The hero can see the wonderful personality of the heroine with how much love she gives to the little girl. They learn more about each other and the situations that their job entails that get them to know each other a little more. Then the hero suddenly pops the marriage question and brings up the baby girl as leverage of the heroine being a mom, a dream she's always had but never believed could happen. Yet, before she can reject, she's called away for another emergency and the hero waits for her. When he brings it up again, she reveals her inability to have kids and that information has scared away all her partners from asking her hand in marriage. After she reveals everything, the hero holds her close and says she's a wonderful and brave woman who he wants to be his daughter's mother as well as a beautiful woman who should be allowed to dress up. I found his words to be very warming and the heroine takes his words to heart and dresses up. Now, the hero and heroine are faced with another challenge, the OM who was in the car accident with the hero's wife (who was probably having an affair with him after she was pregnant) wants the baby girl. The heroine wants the hero to get a DNA test but he refuses because he's afraid that a DNA will reveal that the sweet little girl isn't his because his wife was cheating on him since he was barely home with doing his work. He begs the heroine to accept his proposal and she does, which has him hopping for joy. When the contract is made and the flirty lawyer tries to seduce the hero, he realizes that he doesn't need the contract because he loves the heroine and has the contract thrown away. So, on the day of the wedding, he goes to see the heroine with news that after taking a DNA test, it's proven the little girl is his. The heroine thinks that now it's been proven that he doesn't need to marry her anymore but he states that he wants to marry her for love not for convenience. Its a very sweet ending and I enjoyed reading this comic.

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