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Jill, a divorced mother of two, is hard at work managing her bakery and raising her children. After receiving a lot of orders one day, Jill struggles to handle all of her responsibilities at once. In steps Connor, the best friend of her coldhearted ex-husband. Seeing the sheer amount of work that Jill has to do, Connor offers to help her out with the bakery and with her children. Though unsure of his intentions, Jill accepts his offer of assistance, but soon Connor expresses his true feelings and Jill is faced with a completely new problem.

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Bundts and tots 4  4

The hero and heroine were friends in college but the hero wanted to be more. Unfortunately, he was still hurt from watching his horrible parent's marriage where his mother demeaned his father so much that he turned to drink and died in it. Then she turned her venomous words onto the hero that his motto became, "I'm sorry". So, he hesitated too long before his popular snatched the hero. Only this guy turned out to be low scum, the kind you wouldn't want to beat down with a rolling pin because you might get his germs. A shovel would be the better option because of the things he did. Apparently, he married the heroine with the deal of no kids but she gets pregnant. First thing he says when he discovers her pregnancy is to abort the babes and then send the hero to do the dirty job of telling the heroine he's divorcing her. The hero should have held up the stop sign to being the guy's messenger boy. It's because the heroine shoots down the messenger with kicking him out of her life. A year and half passes with the hero going to see the heroine because he wants too, not to be the messenger boy. The heroine doesn't believe it at first but later on does. Then we get to meet the little one year old's are sneaky enough to lock the babysitter out of the house. I can see their future of them getting a million hits on youtube for the pranks they pull. Now, the hero comes the heroine sous baker, babysitter, and housekeeper in the next forty-eight hours. He also helps her when a private investigator comes snooping around under the guise of a health inspector that is shutting the heroine's business down. Luckily, the hero is able to yank off the wig and expose him. With all the things that are happening from getting a letter from Child welfare and a cancellation of a loan from the bank, they suspect it's the heroine's EX but the man doesn't even pay child support so what could he want? The man doesn't pay child support for two babies that he fathered???!!! TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE HAPPENING AT HIS HOUSE!!! The hero and heroine spend more time working through their issues and falling in love. Then the heroine found out the hero did have an idea of what is going on; the EX wants the heroine's 15% of his company stocks. Enraged and exhausted by everything going haywire as well as discovery the hero knew has the heroine lash out at the man. He leaves heartbroken and she's in tears. It takes a warm shower for her to reflect and come to a decision that she needs to apologize to the hero. The hero thinks he should leave but good he doesn't. He comes to the heroine's home to find the EX manhandling the heroine and shoving his poor sons around. Apparently, the coward finally decided to show up and get that 15% stock back but the heroine didn't want to give it up since she wanted to give it to their sons. He pulls this bologna banana spiel about coming back to her if she gives the stocks since the boys need a father. However, seeing how he treated the boys in a matter of minutes has her refused 100% and he got handsy. The hero comes in and gives the guy a good punch. The two completely cut the EX out of their lives and he has to walk back to the ferry since he couldn't find his fancy Ferrari car key (I wonder where they went?). When he's gone, the hero and heroine confess their love for each other. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. Then the sister crashes with the news she's taking responsibility for their half sister's baby. When she goes to play with the little boys, she sees the keys with a Ferrari symbol on them. It was a very nice ending.

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