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Young Emily Stapely has decided to get married for her sick father’s sake. However, she is devastated by her fiancé’s betrayal at her own wedding reception! “Pretend to be in love with me and break your engagement,” suggests Luke, who happens to be Emily’s first love. But a suggestion wasn’t all she received; Luke went on to kiss her passionately in front of those in attendance. He was a childhood friend raised by Emily’s family after losing his mother at a young age. As the two escape the venue, Luke gently comforts Emily, who has fallen into despair. Little does Emily know that Luke is plotting a dark scheme rooted in hatred…

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The heroine is at her engagement party when her first crush and cousin comes sneaking in. He's also the hero with the additional title of the black sheep. It's all thanks to his mother who was not only adopted into the family but had him out of wedlock. Now, the hero helps the heroine when he shows her that her convenient fiancee is anything but loyal. The man can't resist spouting sappy notes to his lover and how he's only marrying the heroine for daddy's connections. The hero gives her choices of what to do and she opts for the scenario that she dumped him and ran off. This includes the hero being the getaway driver. Before they head off, they are caught by the heroine's father who's less than pleased at the sight of the hero. A lot of things are revealed like the father was faking his illness to get the heroine to take the fiancee as well as not work because work as a teacher is trivial work. Buddy, you try keep 30 kids in a classroom focused on learning and not running around the classroom and call that trivial. The father tries to tell the heroine that the hero is only using her for revenge but at this point, she wouldn't believe if he said the sky was blue. There is some argument between the hero and heroine but she ends up staying on with him. Next, they learn a number of things like the hero holds animosity towards the father for not sending in help when his mother desperately need medical attention then him being on the streets for a year after his mother's death before the father found and adopted him. The hero learns the heroine had no idea about the how thing. Things are bumpy along the way for the hero and heroine from the hero comforting her to stating marrying her is the bet way to spite the father. The heroine acts like a hot potato too from helping the hero with his work to running out of the house quickly after his earlier comment. However, she finds herself agreeing to help with his little revenge of marriage and such. They have coitus and it's round of up and down communication between them. Weeks pass and the OW shows up, this sparks a divide between our hero and heroine. The heroine leaves after coming to an agreement with the hero that the whole revenge thing is over. She leaves, discovering later on she's pregnant. She of course has no plans of telling the hero since he didn't contact the her during the 2 and 1/2 months after their separation (neither did she). Then surprise, surprise, he shows up to a charity ball that she's holding. Things start coming together with the appearance of the heroine's father and the exchange of words between hero and father about the father "notifying him" but the heroine already made a dash for home. the hero chases after her and comes into her home. He reveals he found out the pregnancy because he got lectured by the father who discovered the heroine's visits to her OB/GYN. He goes off with the "#1solution: marriage" with the heroine objecting with a big red stop sign. A lot of said but the hero opens up about everything like his struggles with falling in love with the heroine regardless that she's from the family that killed his mother. A little tidbit is also revealed that the father was sending the mother medical help but she rejected it all. The heroine says yes in a rather fun way to the hero's proposal and we get a happy ending.

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