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Maysa's heart throbs as she sees the man she once loved standing before her eyes again. He is Rafiq Mehedi, king of Bajul, a country of dunes. Fifteen years ago, they were hopelessly in love with one another, but the long-standing traditions of Bajul mandated that Rafiq marry another woman. So why has he come back to Maysa after all this time…? His shocking answer: he wants Maysa to give him a place to hide from the outside world! Maysa trembles with humiliation, certain Rafiq has come back to make her his mistress, but all it takes is one look in his eyes for her to know she loves him just as deeply as she did when they were first together…

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a lot of exs in this one 3  3

The hero and heroine were lovers in their country but they had also (meaning the hero first) had fiancées waiting for them. Instead of marrying the daughter of the minister of public health (heroine's father) whom he loves, he marries the girl his family wanted him to marry. Years later, the heroine sees on the news that the girl/queen died in car accident. The hero deals with the painful memories and sad emotions for six months till his brother insist that he find a private place to heal and recover. His idea: going back to the heroine a.k.a his ex-girlfriend for help. Now, the heroine has a tainted reputation in her country because of her divorced status from her ex-husband 30 years her senior. She lets the hero in but shows she's no pushover even with his title hanging around his neck. When he asks for shelter and help, she gives consent on the condition that he comes with her to some of the dangerous places in his house to provide medical help. It's a hard bargain but he agrees to it. Once there, the hero sees how desperately his people are in need of medical aid in these regions that few brave doctors like the heroine dare venture to provide. Funny, this sort of thing should be something the Minister of Public Health (now it's the heroine's jerk of a brother) should be on top of but he's been in and out of the country, leaving the heroine the responsibility of overseeing the hotel and more. Yet, he treats her like crud because of her being divorced, yet won't factor her very good reason for divorcing her husband as a reason at all. The hero takes her reason as not only a very good one but also wishes that she went to him for help. Really? I can imagine very few people going back to their ex-boyfriend, the King for help defending yourself from your abusive, whipping, creeping ex-husband who scarred her body from wrists to back. We do get to see the hero become jealous of a male foreign friend of the heroine who helped her when she escaped from her ex-husband. Her past causes the hero to remember why he fell in love with her back then and falling in love with her again. However, rumors of the hero's presence pop up and while, they are covered and controlled, the news makes our main couple more cautious than ever. So, the heroine suggests the hero takes some time at the family's resort where there will be very few people to interfere with the hero's recuperation. Then the hero takes the heroine to their special spot where he reveals he's never stopped loving the heroine as his one special woman; this also means that he never loved his wife. The brother comes back and he's a snarky jerk to both hero and heroine, making inappropriate comments about the hero driving his queen to her death and going after his sister. His reasoning: the queen told him that she was pregnant and the hero was going to take away the baby from her on the night she crashed. Apparently, she didn't tell him that she also told the hero of her pregnancy and she wanted to abort the baby. It takes comment about the heroine being defiled because of her status as divorcee for the hero to actually punch the brother. Once the hero and heroine are alone, the hero reveals most of what was said between the hero and the queen was true but the heroine reveals her own story related to the matter. The queen came to her to do a pregnancy test, interesting she went to a outside doctor when the palace has its own team of doctors. Once, her pregnancy was confirmed, she left but on the night of the accident, she caught the queen and her brother making out. So, if the hero was out of the country before the queen was pregnant and during the time, her pregnancy was confirmed, it means that the baby's father wasn't the hero but the heroine's brother. It explains the brother's anger to the hero but it doesn't justify his action towards our main couple. The hero knows he needs to make a move before the brother does anything and offers the heroine the position of being his mistress. was clear to see that she wasn't all for it. He explains that he doesn't want to be apart of her but their customs won't allow them to be together. So, becoming his mistress is the best way for them to stay together. The heroine disagrees and leaves having the last word that the hero is still hung on tradition and if she can't have everything about him like being his wife then she doesn't want anything to do with him. It takes his nanny's life story of how she and the former king (hero's father) were lovers but the tradition set him on the path of marrying another woman. So, he had his lover stay hidden in the palace where he could see her everyday and be a nanny to the children he had with other woman. The hero loves his nanny so much and sees what suffering she faced due to this father's selfish decision. A decision like his own and it influences him to make a decision. He calls a big meeting with all the old influential people and the heroine and her brother. The first thing he does is release the heroine's brother from the position of public health minister, chooses the heroine to be his successor, has the brother banished, and announces to everyone that he's marrying the heroine. There are a lot of objections, more towards the hero marrying the heroine because of her divorced status. However, the hero has a brilliant comeback speech that persuades the council men to agree his decision. The hero asks the heroine once again if she'll marry him and she says yes. They get a cute ending with the announcement of their marriage. It was a decent read.

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